Fan Art Submission #4


Now, a very special submission from artist Syku. He does freelance work in illustration and architecture visualization (you can see more of his work HERE). We’re very happy to have this piece from him depicting Jarl and Kylar meeting. I love the details he included from the book, such as Jarl’s elaborate microbraids and the posh interior you’d find at a place like Momma K’s:


3 thoughts on “Fan Art Submission #4

  1. BeyondTheRed says:

    This artwork…..Is utterly fantastic.

  2. kevin shortt says:


  3. k1216 says:

    Oh yes, I remember seeing this one on Deviantart at one point and it’s one of the bests in my opinion. Kylar has a very Assassin’s Creed-y outfit but it suits him well (and I must admit that I always imagined him wearing one such outfit because the design is mindblowing)

    I guess it’s too late to send any fanart of my own? (My fingers have been itching to draw some Night Angel fanart for a while now)

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