2 thoughts on “Writing Advice: How to Write Bad Guys

  1. Darakna says:

    Hey Brent!

    I have a question about your writing as well:
    You’re great when writing a mess, a complex plot. You never make a boring move, or without a purpose. How do you plan your happenings? Graphs, drawings, some sort of time table, just in the head? How do you stay organized?
    When I write, I have a feeling like it’s all linear. One event finishes, another begins. I’d like to avoid that, if you have any tips on it.

    Stay awesome,

  2. Jon says:

    Try 3×5 cards. Write down short synopses of a singular plot line, then lay them out. As ideas for subplots come out, write those out too and lay them down, below or above your original plot line. The exercise may reveal natural links or transition points.

    You might also try a white board or butcher board paper. Get those little yellow sticky notes and write out ideas or character names. Then draw linking lines or write in your brainstorm ideas that radiate from each sticky note. If you don’t like the sticky note, just pull it off and save it for later.

    Outlining is another way to stay organized, but I have found it difficult to access subplots and characters if the outline is too long.

    Hope this helps!

    Happy writing!

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