Writing Advice Update: When is Enough, Enough?


In his latest writing advice post, Brent discusses how to decide when you need to move on to a new project. Or why you might need to stick with it.

Along the way, he addresses perfectionism, opportunity costs, and making tough choices in writing.

Check it out HERE.

Also, new poll!

2 thoughts on “Writing Advice Update: When is Enough, Enough?

  1. Allen Johnson says:

    Thanks for this blog, I found it most helpful. I’m currently in revision hell transforming a novel that I had originally wrote in 1st person into a 3rd person narrative. At first I was like “It won’t be too hard, just change the I’s to a He or She and be done with it.” But its alot more complicated than that. 😀

  2. Sam says:

    Hey,so that’s great advice.I just want to clarify.When you’re doing like,you’re second draft of a novel,are you implying that you actually write the whole thing over again?Or do you just read it and make changes as you see fit(i.e. what I do).I’m starting to wonder if my book might not benefit greatly from being rewritten,however I wonder if it will get me much farther.

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