Library Journal likes me! They really like me!

Or at least they think enough of me to include The Blinding Knife in their “Seven Not to Miss SF/Fantasy Titles for Fall 2012.”

Note that article does have the blurb for The Blinding Knife, which has spoilers for The Black Prism. So, if you haven’t read The Black Prism yet,  just trust me when I say Library Journal thinks I’m the best thing since Dante.

Ok, that might be a lie.

(Also, new poll at right!)

3 thoughts on “Library Journal likes me! They really like me!

  1. Megann says:

    Although if Fargo, ND is on your list I will make sure I can get there.

  2. Darakna says:

    And all that comes as a surprise for you?
    Face it, Weeks, you’re underestimating your work!

    Also, between Dante and you, is Edgar Alan Poe.
    And reading the description for The Blinding Knife, I don’t think I can wait for September. Waaah! It’s only July!

    Wish you more recognition like this,

  3. Mhairi says:

    This definitely doesn’t surprise me.

    You are my favourite author of all time. Your Night Angel Trilogy was the best I have ever read and believe me that is a lot of books.

    Anyway from all us fans I thank you for your hard work and for putting the grit back into old school fantasy.

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