5 thoughts on “Brent Talks about the Omnibus

  1. Josh says:

    Just wanted to say that I am a HUGE fan! I love The Night Angel Trilogy; it’s my favorite series by far, cant wait to get the Omnibus and The Perfect Shadow. Keep up the great work.

  2. Joey says:

    I just got mine in the mail yesterday! I’m super excited to go back through the story. I love the trilogy. I got one of the Limited Edition copies of Perfect Shadow, and I absolutely love that one too. The Black Prism is an awesome book as well, and I can’t wait to see what you’ve been doing for the next one. I’d start in on the Omnibus now, but I’ve got that pesky senior research to finish first. Keep writing amazing books and I will continue to buy them and endorse them proudly to my friends

  3. Miguel Colon says:

    Even though I have two copies of each book in the series (don’t bother asking, it’s a long story) I will still gladly march out and shell out money for this. Yes, I believe that if Brent Weeks wrote it and/or advertised it himself, I would march mountains to buy it. (Brent Weeks is the GOD of writing)

  4. Megann says:

    I think I will have to go out and get this simply because my roommate’s boyfriend has had my copy of Way of Shadows since January, so the box set is looking pretty lonesome when we turn it around.

  5. Levi says:

    In “The Shadows Edge” in the Omnibus, or at least in the copy I bought and the copy my friend bought and every copy at the book story and the two new copies the book store ordered for us, when it gets to chapter 62 the chapter after that is chapter 51, then it goes through to 55 then on the page of chapter 55 the next page has chapter 68 on it. So in all chapters 55 through 62 are in there twice and chapters 63 through 67 are missing. I’m not sure if all copies are like that or if we just got a bad shipment of books, but just check your books in case. Chapter 55 starts on page 694 if you need to check your copies.

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