Introducing CAPSLOCK–and polls

I’ve finally gotten myself an assistant, and she’s going to be helping me out with posting information on the website so that I can spend more time writing, but still let you all know what’s going on from time to time.

Her name is CAPSLOCK.

Well, not really. But she’s afraid of paparazzi so that’s going to be her pseudonym on the website. Actually, she has a habit of capslocking text on accident when she writes up my daily agenda (I have an agenda now?!). As revenge for giving me a daily agenda, I started ruthlessly mocking her every time she makes a typo. Calling her CAPSLOCK seemed to annoy her, so it stuck.

I’ll still be making 95% of the content for my blog here, just sometimes it will be me dictating posts and her typing them up and uploading pictures. Having her services also means that I’ll be able to do MOAR fun stuff, like the poll over there —>

Again, content by me (as if you couldn’t tell), but all the hard work by her. (Hey, you gotta know your weaknesses. Hard work is mine.)

CAPSLOCK will be posting a new poll every Monday. Sometimes they’ll be silly, sometimes they’ll be for me to get a sense of your thoughts on more serious things, but I hope they’ll always be fun.

She’ll also update the website occasionally, help me with business-y things, and try to answer questions in the forum when there’s something she thinks she knows the answer to. She’s already becoming my resident historian, as she’s read the books numerous times. Since she’s started working for me, she’s already made a timeline, family trees, and a rough encyclopedia.  So it’s pretty good odds that she’s usually on the right track.

The best news, though, is that every time I make a mistake, I can now blame it on her. (Sometimes, she’ll even deserve it… like that NBA March Madness thing.)

EDIT: I uploaded the most unflattering picture of her I could find, but she took it down. Apparently there are some drawbacks to giving her the website password. 😉


5 thoughts on “Introducing CAPSLOCK–and polls

  1. Richard says:

    CAPSLOCK, eh? Does she do shift work? (That joke shamelessly plaigarised from top Brit comedian Tim Vine)

  2. Jack says:

    This is truly evidence of growth right here.

    To CAPSLOCK: I really hope that you would dig into the encyclopedia that you are working on and truly expand it better than the current wiki. It’ll be something us worshippers can really enjoy instead of the old average posts from this site and

  3. Tim says:

    Good to see the return of the poll. And hopefully to see some more regular updating from now on

  4. Luke says:

    I heard you were doing an AMA (interview) on Reddit, is this still happening?

    1. brent says:

      Yep. In a couple weeks. I’ll announce date soon.

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