“I Want You to Hit Me” – Writing Advice: Fight Scenes

(Note: the above video, like a lot of real fighting, contains an obscenity. You can stop it at 00:07 and still get the point.)

Just go here to learn everything you could possibly ever want to know. This post will turn you into the Mike Tyson of fantasy writing scenes! Or not. Either way, watch your ears.

4 thoughts on ““I Want You to Hit Me” – Writing Advice: Fight Scenes

  1. Mary says:

    Awesome video hook 😛

  2. Traci Loudin says:

    Definitely a great article for aspiring writers–thank you! However, might I make one recommendation… shorten the paragraphs for those of us reading on smartphones. My eyes were going cross-ways!

    1. brent says:

      Thank you–and good idea. I generally dictate these things (after having already spent all day at the computer on novel writing, I need a break!), so the paragraph style is different than my usual writing style. I’ll try to remember my smartphone constituency in the future!

  3. Brent T. says:

    It’s funny that you put this question up. I was doing a Reboot of my own story to make things a bit more far fetched, and realized that the fight scenes I’ve written over the past 2-3 years were outrageously boring to anyone except me. This was exactly the kind of thing I needed to put them on track. Thanks so much for putting this up!

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