THE BURNING WHITE cover reveal

Here it is–the stunning cover image for Lightbringer 5: The Burning White.

Brent Weeks, Lightbringer, Burning White

EDIT: Here’s a description of the visuals, written by CAPSLOCK.

The Hooded Man is standing on a rocky beach, facing away from us. He is facing an enormous, circular stone tower several yards away (we can only see the first two stories of it). He is brandishing a large sword in his right hand, wearing a red cape, and looking to his left. From our perspective, there’s a white glow coming from his left hand (which is obscured by the cape), and a bolt of orange light emanating from his right side (near his arm). He is surrounded by a warm glow of light in every color, with red, blue, violet, and orange being most prominent. The rest of the image is shades of gray. It looks to be nighttime. The phrase on this volume is “Every legend shines a light…”

How’s this for gutsy? I love it! With an appearance by our good friend The Hooded Man! (Hey, buddy, fancy seeing you here!)

An enormous thank you to Lauren Panepinto (design) and Gene Mollica (illustration)–Lauren has worked to create beautiful covers for all five Lightbringer novels. The Burning White will be released in late summer/early fall 2019. (Yes, that’s next year. Patience, grasshopper.) If you’d like to leave your fulsome praise for their work, please do comment below.

This is the first I’ve let CAPSLOCK see it. (It’s fun to keep her out of the loop sometimes.) I think her head just exploded. Oh, MAN! Who’s gonna clean that up. CAPSLOCK 2, where are you?!

25 Responses to “THE BURNING WHITE cover reveal”

  1. Jacob Gillett

    Love it! Can’t wait for next year!

  2. Raina Mist

    I just let out the most disturbing choking sound in the middle of the dentists office, I blame you Weeks

  3. Tony Oleson

    This is an absolute masterpiece. Not only does it capture the whole essence of the books, it feels like standing on the precipice of something monstrously great. #Awe

  4. Sue Armitage

    Cover looks incredible, just hoping that the UK will get the same ❤️

  5. Hunter Pulse

    Amazing! I can’t wait to see where this epic story goes, and this wonderful art makes me even more excited!

  6. Gary

    Love it! Legit can’t wait… Still hoping Gavin/Dazen gets some love.

  7. Bryce

    It looks amazing! The swirling rainbow of colors overlaying the black and white background has me wondering more about the posibilities of a certain black/white bichrome.

  8. Jen

    I am in complete awe! Simply stunning.

  9. Kolan

    Tell her ALL her covers in this series have been amazing!! thanks to you both!

  10. Gregory Louderback

    Love the cover. It brings the focus back to what’s needed, a new prism.

  11. Beverly C

    But, but… a whole year!

  12. Chewie

    Who would’ve thought the Red would be the last one standing?

  13. Andy

    Mr. Weeks,

    I just finished The Blood Mirror, and wow, just wow. I am thrilled to learn that you have postponed the release of The Burning White in order to do your best work. You have done a great job with your series and it always has a place in my heart. Thank you.

    Best regards,

  14. Monica

    looks awesome, can’t wait for it to come out but know it will be worth it.

  15. Nicole Evans

    That is positively gorgeous and absolutely *perfect* for the last book (she says, not knowing exactly what the last book will be about, obviously, but still)!!! Fantastic and positively stoked. <3

  16. Josh P

    Curious how much you directed the artist for this cover, there’s a lot up for interpretation depending on how intentional each detail is, has me so excited for the read!

  17. Dan

    Wow looks amazing.
    Sadly I dont know if I can wait another year :,(
    It has been an amazing journey so far with amazing character development.

  18. alan

    Is this going to be the last book? This is turning out to be a long trilogy

  19. Nirnaeth

    Am I the only one whose eyes are bleeding when I look at this ? The way the colors mix is… unsettling

  20. Chris Mitchell

    Mate! That is fantastic!

  21. Ray Deft

    Great looking cover. I particularly like the subtleties on the violets and purples to the left that allude really well to the other colours in the books. Also, I think the cover really brings home what it mike be like to be Gavin, which I think is cool.

  22. Nathan Zimmerman

    Can’t wait for your book man! Been an awesome series so far though the last book plot twist kinda seemed like a cheap ploy that invalidated some of the books prior. Hopefully in this next one he doesn’t wake up to discover everything was all just dream heh.

  23. Eric

    Wow another year I really thought it would be August this year ………. now the real wait begins


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