Fan Art Tuesday: The Blood Mirror (France)

Bragelonne, Brent’s publisher in France, always creates fantastic covers. Here’s The Blood Mirror:

Artist Miguel Coimbra is the illustrator. And if you read French, or have French friends you’d like to get addicted to Brent’s novels, go HERE to purchase the book!

5 Responses to “Fan Art Tuesday: The Blood Mirror (France)”

  1. Raphael_Todo

    (french here) I wasn’t a big fan of the last cover from lightbringer with bragelonne but this one is damn cool.

  2. Cody

    Any way we could get the art without the text? It’s pretty awesome.

  3. Alex

    How come the upcoming German edition is Book 6 and the latest English edition is only Book 4?


      Because of the length of Brent’s book in English — translating them into German makes them even longer — they had to split a few of his books into two. Trying to publish each as one volume would result in a lot of broken bindings. I think both Broken Eye and Blood Mirror are published two halves in Germany.


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