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A Night Angel Christmas Greeting

A Night Angel Christmas Greeting

From the fantastic Andy MacDonald, artist for the upcoming Way of Shadows graphic novel:

Night Angel Christmas

Thanks for a great 2013. May your holidays be bright and full of cheer!

Merry Christmas,




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  1. Might there be more Night Angel on the way?

  2. Thanks Brent you have a Merry Christmas as well!!! i hope to read more Night Angel books soon i love the first 3 and really wish to ready more!

  3. Brent said he’s returning to the world of Midcryu once he’s finished with The Lightbringer saga.

  4. Fantast picture. Definitely brings in some holiday spirit. I read the books and loved them and now a graphic novel? Brilliant! Will Image or DarkHorse be working on it? I work at a comic book store and would like to get it ordered first thing. Happy holidays!

    • Yen Press will be producing it. It’s not available for pre-order yet, but we will be announcing it online as soon as that’s an option!

      • Hey Capslock, just did a google search on the graphic novel and Amazon popped up with a pre-order option, release date listed as Oct. 7th, 2014. Is this accurate?

  5. I read that you said there is a 2% chance of a Night Angel movie coming out now. I think thats great because a movie would ruin the story. I think you should push for a TV series. That way everyone can get the full story. The book is so full of action that the tv series itself would never be dull. Producers would love it because every episode will be action packed without missing any of the story line.

    With all that said thank you for writing such an amazing book. One that i have recommended to every single one of me friends. Merry Christmas and looking forward to what your writing career produces.

  6. Love the books. Would love a tv series, or movie. One of the best story lines I’ve ever ever read!

  7. I love with all my soul (I’m a ginger so I probably can’t say that) the night angel trilogy. It was and is my favorite book series, but the light bringer trilogy is coming close to being even better.

  8. Well this is one of the most simultaneously horrifying and hilarious things all year! Merry Christmas and thank you for the almost mental scarring!

  9. Why is he named Azoth Damn it!!!
    i keep reading that line and getting ticked at the possibilities ….

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