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Final Round: The Blinding Knife versus King of Thorns


First, there were 64. Now, battered and bleeding, lacerated by readers’ votes and critics’ comments, only two remain. But…

It’s the battle of sharp pointy things! 

No, but seriously. After losing The David Gemmell Award (twice), after losing to Victor Gischler in 2009 for this SAME AWARD, and after losing the Suvudu Cage Match last year, I think it’s my time. Look, people, I even put off my book a year so that next year you won’t have to compete with me! What more can I do?

No, but seriously, seriously, this BookSpot Central March Madness contest is just a lot of fun. It’s purely for bragging rights and to discover other books that lots of readers love. The opportunity to spank a fellow author is just icing on the cake. Don’t let me be spanked! I’m not into that. Go HERE to vote.