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Fan Art Tuesday: Lightbringer vs. Night Angel Tattoo

Holy crow! Fan Even Ennis commissioned this ASTONISHING Lightbringer v. Night Angel tattoo, featuring Kip and Kylar:




Evan says it took an entire YEAR to complete (uh, not in one sitting, but you get the idea). Major props to Evan and his tattoo artist for having the patience, pain tolerance, and perseverance to make this beauty!

If you’re in Maryland, USA, you can tell Rob Zeinog at Evolved Body Arts that he does spectacular work.

Fan Art and Tattoos: Last Call!


We’ve gotten some great entries for the fan art contest. Since we didn’t remind you about the deadline yesterday, we’re extending the deadline until tomorrow, July 10 at 5pm Pacific Standard Time. Don’t forget to email CAPSLOCK @ (no spaces). We’ll be sharing the fan art and tattoos over the next month, and one lucky fan will get a free signed copy of The Black Prism trade paperback and we’ll also give away some other goodies.

Submit your fan art for prizes!


Don’t forget to submit your fan art before 5pm Pacific Standard Time by Monday, July 8th!

We’re looking for fan art or tattoos which we can share on the website over the coming month. One fan artist at random will receive a free signed copy of the new Black Prism trade paperback AND we have some other assorted goodies we’ll be giving away.

Email your entry to CAPSLOCK at (no spaces).