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Limerick Contest Winners

We had many excellent entries! Thanks so much for the joy your entries have brought us. (And thanks, much less, for the pain in having to narrow it down to these few winners.)

The top five winners will each receive a brand new dust jacket for the hardcover edition of The Black Prism or a signed trade paperback of The Broken Eye, their choice.

The Top Five Winners:

There once was a man named Gavin,
Surprised by a son he was havin’.
And though his boy Kip
Had thick head and foul lip,
He eventually was glad he had him.
– Janelle

Do YOU yearn to skillfully smack hard?
Then hey kids, sign up for the Blackguard!
The training’s sheer bliss
For all masochists
You’re bound to get face, limbs or back scarred.
– Lisa H.

There once was a man named Hanishu
Whose last words were “which man are you?”
He fought his brother last,
could have kicked his ass
When he should have kicked his uncle’s too.
– Katelyn B.

A man from Cenaria City
A wetboy, focused and gritty
Used kakari for good
Lived all that he could
His friends died instead, what a pity
— Amber S.

I’d have to go with Miss Sovari
Elene is too timid and scarry
Kirena’s too old;
On Vi I am sold
All I need now’s a White Ka’kari
– Chad Z.

And two Honorable Mention:

For a good book Quentin did look,
A tale with a riveting hook.
So out popped Sam Sykes,
As Naheed did say, “Yikes!”
To which Sam replied, “Buy my book.”
– Thomas G.

(Included because you can’t win twice!)
To pretend you’re Gavin, not Dazen,
Is extraordinarily brazen.
To fool the whole world,
Including your girl,
Is nothing short of amazin’.
– Lisa H.