Lightbringer Character List


…if you haven’t yet read The Lightbringer Series.

(Compiled from the appendices of The Burning White, The Blood Mirror, and The Broken Eye.)


‘Annaiah: Darjan’s wife, burnt by orgiasts.

Abaddon: Also known as the god of locusts, the Day Star, the Lord of the Flies. One of the chief immortals of the Two Hundred. Often depicted with crippled ankles, giant insect wings, and pallid features.

Abirin: A luxiat-scholar who studied the old gods.

Abraxes, Ambrosius: A saint from ancient times.

Adrasteia (Teia): One of the smaller Blackguards, a skilled paryl drafter, and a luxor for the Iron White. She is a double agent in the Order of the Broken Eye.

Aeshma: One of the Two Hundred, nearly one of the Nine, and Darjan’s jinni-yah. A potential Atirat.

Agnelli, Lucia: A Blackguard scrub, she had a forbidden romantic relationship with Cruxer. Murdered by an assassin during a training exercise.

Ahhana the Dextrous: Superchromat yellow drafter who was the architect and lead drafter of the Lily’s Stem.

Ahhanen: A Blackguard. Partners with Djur, known for a somewhat sour demeanor. Killed in the Omnichrome’s War.

Aklos: A slave of Aglaia Crassos.

Aleph, Derwyn: Commander general of the Cwn y Wawr.

Alban & Strang: Saints and commentators on holy writ.

Aliyah: Married to Halfcock in secret. She has a teenage son from her first marriage, Eliazar.

Alvaro: A young, rebellious mirror slave.

Amadis: An older man, overseer of mirror slaves on the Jaspers.

Amazzal: One of the six High Luxiats, most notable for his commanding presence and rich voice.

Amzîn: Awkward young Blackguard, charged with protecting the White.

Amestan: A Blackguard at the Battle of Garriston.

Anamar: Commander of the Blackguard at the close of the False Prism’s War.

Anir: A librarian at the Chromeria.

Antaeos: A Blackguard nunk.

Appleton, Aodán: A nobleman and city leader of the Blood Forest city of Dúnbheo.

Appleton, Lady: A noblewoman of Blood Forest.

Appleton, Taira: One of Lady Appleton’s four daughters. A friend of Karris White Oak during childhood.

Aram: A failed Blackguard scrub with a grudge against Kip Guile and Cruxer. Elevated to commander of Zymun Guile’s Lightguard.

Arana: A drafting student, a merchant’s daughter.

Aras: A student at the Chromeria.

Arash, Javid: One of the drafters who defended Garriston.

Aravind: Satrap of Atash until his death. Father of Kata Ham-haldita, the former corregidor of Idoss.

Arias: One of the Color Prince’s advisers. He is an Atashian in charge of spreading news about the Color Prince.

Arien: A magister at the Chromeria. She drafts orange and tested Kip Guile on Luxlord Black’s orders.

Ariss the Navigator: A legendary explorer.

Arius: One of the newest members of the Mighty.

Arrad: A Lightguard.

Arthur, Rónán: Twin brother of Ruadhán.

Arthur, Ruadhán: Leader of Shady Grove will-casters.

Arun: Manager of an inn on the Jaspers.

Asafa ar Veyda de Lauria del Luccia verd’Avonte: Keeper of the Word, Chief Librarian of the Great Library in Azûlay, Katalina Delauria’s father.

Asif: A young Blackguard.

Asmun: A Blackguard scrub.

Aspasia: Karris Guile’s room slave.

Assan, Uluch: Gunner’s birth name.

Atagamo: A magister who teaches the properties of luxin at the Chromeria. He is Ilytian.

Athanossos: A wealthy jeweler on Big Jasper.

Atropos, Leonidas: A Prism.

Aurellea: A procurer for high-class prostitutes on Big Jasper.

Auria: Darjan’s superior in the first Blackguard.

Ayrad: He was a Blackguard scrub years before Kip Guile entered the class. He started at the bottom of his class (forty-ninth) and worked his way up to the top, fighting everyone. It turned out he’d taken a vow. Became a legendary commander of the Blackguard and saved four different Prisms at least once before someone poisoned him. A yellow drafter.

Azmith, Akensis: A scion of the powerful Azmith family. Killed by Karris White Oak during the choosing of the White.

Azmith, Caul: A Parian general, the Parian satrapah’s younger brother. Briefly served as commander of the Chromeria’s allied armies. He led his troops to devastating losses against the White King at Ox Ford, almost shattering the alliance, after which he was demoted. His family seeks to return him to power.

Azmith, Tilleli: Parian satrapah, older sister of Caul Azmith and spymaster for Paria’s Nuqaba. Andross Guile had intended for her to take power after his assassin killed the Nuqaba, but on Karris’s orders, Teia killed Tilleli as well.

Balder: A Blackguard scrub.

Baoth: A red wight in the Color Prince’s army.

Barrel: A Blackguard scrub.

Barrick: A sailor murdered by Zymun.

Bas the Simple: A Tyrean polychrome (blue/green/superviolet), handsome but a simpleton, sworn to kill the killer of the White Oak family.

Bel: An apprentice at a brewery on Big Jasper, the Maiden’s Kiss.

Beliol: Incorporeal (imaginary? immortal?) assistant to the Ferrilux.

Ben-hadad: A former Blackguard, Ruthgari, and a member of the Mighty. A blue/green/yellow polychrome and a brilliant engineer.

Beryl: A watch captain in the Blackguard, a skilled horsewoman who is known for taking new recruits under her wing.

Big Ros: A slave of Aglaia Crassos.

Bilhah: The White’s elderly room slave and a spy for Andross Guile.

Blademan: A Blackguard watch captain. He led one of the skimmers in the battle at Ruic Head, along with Gavin Guile and Watch Captain Tempus.

Blue-Eyed Demons, the: A mercenary band that fought for Dazen Guile’s army during the False Prism’s War. They later attempted to set up their own kingdom. Stomped out by Prism Gavin Guile.

Blunt: A Blackguard watch captain.

Bonbiolo, Benetto-Bastien: One of the four Ilytian pirate kings, rumored to trade under the pseudonym Marco Vellera.

Borig, Janus: An old woman, she claimed to be a Demiurgos and a Mirror, creating true Nine Kings cards.

Brightwater, Aheyyad: Orange drafter, grandson of Tala. A defender of Garriston, the designer of Garriston’s Brightwater Wall; dubbed Aheyyad Brightwater by Prism Gavin Guile during his Freeing.

Brook, Justinia: Served as White two hundred and twelve years ago.

Bursar: The Omnichrome’s treasury adviser. She was originally a minor secretary for the secretary of the treasury of Paria.

Burshward, Captain: An Angari captain. He chose to dare the Everdark Gates because he’d heard rumors of the wealth beyond, and because of his vision from his god, Mot. Mortal enemy of Gunner.

Burshward, Gillan: Captain Burshward’s brother, now short a leg due to an encounter with Gunner.

Buskin: Along with Tugertent and Tlatig, one of the best archers Commander Ironfist had on the approach to Ruic Head.

Caelia Green: A talented drafter, a dwarf, and formerly a servant of the Third Eye. Named Green on the Chromeria Spectrum after Gavin Guile decreed Seers Island a satrapy, New Tyrea.

Cairn, Evie: A healer from Blood Forest.

Carver Black: A non-drafter, as is traditional for the Black. He is the chief administrator of the Seven Satrapies. Though he has a voice on the Spectrum, he has no vote.

Carvingen, Odess: A drafter and defender of Garriston.

Cavair, Paz: Commander of the Blue Bastards at the Great Pyramid of Ru.

Cezilia: A servant/bodyguard to the Third Eye. A fourth-generation Seers Islander.

Clara: A young and diminutive discipula.

Comán, Cu: A nobleman and leader of Dúnbheo.

Companions’ Mother: Head of the Omnichrome’s army’s prostitute guild.

Coran, Adraea: Blessed. Said, ‘War is a horror.’

Cordelia: A willowy female Blackguard. An Archer.

Coreen: An old widow of Blood Forest. Despite her humble isolation, she seems to speak for or with Orholam.

Corfu, Ramia: A powerful, extremely handsome young blue drafter. One of the Color Prince’s favorites.

Corzin, Eleph: An Abornean blue drafter, a defender of Garriston.

Council of the Divines in Dúnbheo: A group of elderly noblemen in Blood Forest. They are Aodán Appleton, Ghiolla Dhé Rathcore, (nephew of Orea Pullawr), Breck White Oak (third cousin of Karris White Oak), Cúan Spreading Oak (grandson of Prism Gracchos Spreading Oak), Culin Willow Bough, and Lord Golden Briar (newest member).

Counselor, the: A legendary figure. Author of The Counselor to Kings, which advised such cruel methods of government that not even he followed them when he ruled.

Cracks: A singularly ugly young Blackguard.

Crassos, Aglaia: The youngest daughter of a wealthy noble family, she lives at the Chromeria as a Blackguard sponsor. A sadist who enjoys the pain she inflicts on her slaves. Has a powerful hatred of the Guile family, and Teia—whom she once owned.

Crassos, Governor: Elder brother of Aglaia Crassos; the last governor of Garriston.

Crassos, Ismene: A middle-aged cousin of Aglaia Crassos.

Cruxer: He was perhaps the most talented, dedicated Blackguard of his era, now one of the Mighty.

Daelos: A Blackguard, very small, but intelligent and talented with blue. Left behind at the Chromeria when he was gravely injured fighting as one of the Mighty.

Dagnar Zelan: One of the original Blackguard. He served Lucidonius after converting to his cause.

Dagnu the Thirteenth: One of the legendary Nine Kings. Together with the red drafters of his time, wiped out the blues to the last child.

Dakan, Dayan: A thug for hire on Big Jasper.

Danavis, Aliviana (Liv): A yellow/superviolet bichrome drafter from Tyrea. Formerly a discipula at the Chromeria whose contract was owned by the Crassos family. Grew up in Rekton with Kip Guile. Daughter of Corvan Danavis. She served the White King for a time; now the superviolet pagan god, Ferrilux.

Danavis, Corvan: A red drafter. A scion of one of the great Ruthgari families, he was also the most brilliant general of the age and the primary reason for Dazen Guile’s success in battle during the Prisms’ War. Now the satrap of Seers Island, he is married to the Third Eye.

Danavis, Ell: The second wife of Corvan Danavis. She was murdered by an assassin three years after their marriage.

Danavis, Erethanna: A green drafter serving Count Nassos in western Ruthgar; Liv Danavis’s cousin.

Danavis, Qora: A Tyrean noblewoman; first wife of Corvan Danavis, mother of Liv Danavis.

Dancing Spear, Ikkin: A Blackguard famed for his fighting abilities in the Jadmar Rebellion.

Daragh the Coward: The bandit king of Blood Forest. Known for his many scars.

Dariush, Lord: Felia Dariush Guile’s father. A wealthy Atashian noble and art collector. His full name is Roshe Roshan Dârayavahush

Darjan: A warrior-priest and legendary drafter at the time of Lucidonius and Karris Shadowblinder, of the Ancient Tyrean Empire. A statue of him once stood near the orange groves in Rekton, known as the Broken Man.

Daughters of Caoránach (pl. caoránaigh): Wights who have adapted their bodies for living in water. Also known as ‘river wights,’ they took their name from the mother of demons in Blood Forest folk- lore.

del’Angelos, Ferkudi: A member of the Mighty. A goofy and awkward blue/green bichrome who excels at grappling. Gifted mathemati- cian/statistician but misunderstands social cues.

Delara, Naftalie: A woman from a prominent family whom Andross was going to ‘let’ Gavin marry. An ally of Andross Guile.

Delara Orange: The Atashian member of the Spectrum. She represents Orange and is a forty-year-old orange/red bichrome nearing the end of her life. Her predecessor in the seat was her mother, who devised the rotating scheme for Garriston. General Caul Azmith and the satrapah of Paria are her cousins.

Delarias, the: A small farming family in Rekton.

Delauria, Katalina (Lina): Kip Guile’s mother, died in King Garadul’s siege of Rekton. She was a librarian in Paria before fleeing in disgrace, eventually settling in the Tyrean town of Rekton.

Delclara, Micael: A quarryman and a Rekton villager.

Delclara, Miss: The matriarch of the Delclara family in Rekton.

Delclara, Zalo: A quarryman, one of the Delclara sons.

Deleah: A slave woman in Andross Guile’s household.

Delelo, Galan: A master sergeant in the Omnichrome’s army. He escorted Liv Danavis to the gates of Garriston.

Delmarta, Gad: A young Tyrean general from Garriston, he commanded Dazen Guile’s army. Took the city of Ru and publicly massacred the royal family and its retainers. Garriston was later burnt in revenge.

Delucia, Neta: A member of the ruling council of Idoss (i.e., a city mother) before its fall.

Demistocles: A prophet and a mentor of prophets.

Diakoptês: An ambiguous term. Literally ‘He who rends asunder,’ but a looser translation could be ‘Breaker.’ In Braxian belief, both the name (or perhaps title?) of Lucidonius and the name or title of a similar figure (or possibly a reincarnation of Lucidonius?) who will come again to break or heal the Cracked Lands.

Djur: A Blackguard, he died fighting in the White King’s War.

Droose: One of Gunner’s shipmates.

Eden, Veliki: A military commander known for his integrity and for being one of the greatest strategists of all time.

Einin: A new member of the Mighty from Blood Forest. Orange/red/sub-red polychrome, mother of ten.

Elelyo¯n: Another name for Orholam, from the Old Parian, meaning ‘God Most High.’

Elessia: A Blackguard. Killed in the White King’s War.

Elio: A bully in Kip Guile’s barracks. Kip broke his arm.

Elos, Gaspar: A green wight, he saved Kip Guile’s life before the destruction of Rekton.

Elos, Ysabel: Particularly cruel overseer of mirror slaves; sister of Gaspar.

Erastophenes: A legendary general.

Erato: A Blackguard scrub who has it in for Kip Guile.

Essel: A Blackguard Archer. Her young mother, Delilah Tae, was a sub-red drafter and one of the first drafters Freed by Prism Guile.

Estratega, Gaspar: One of the most famous and brilliant military strategists in history.

Euterpe: A friend of Teia’s. She was a slave. Her owners lost everything in a drought and rented her to the Laurion silver mine brothels for five months. She never recovered.

Eutheos: A captain and hero of Dazen Guile’s army, and later a member of Ruthgar’s military.

Falling Leaf, Deedee: A green drafter. Her failing health inspired a number of veteran drafters who were also her friends to take the Freeing at Garriston.

Farjad, Farid: A nobleman and ally of Dazen Guile’s once Dazen promised him the Atashian throne during the False Prism’s War.

Farseer, Horas: Another ally of Dazen Guile’s, the bandit king of the Blue-Eyed Demons. Gavin Guile killed him after the False Prism’s War.

Fell: A female Blackguard, the smallest in the force, she excels at acrobatic moves.

Fiammetta: Felia Guile’s trusted room slave, manumitted by Lady Guile in her will, though Andross didn’t enact this provision of his wife’s wishes. Gavin eventually did, sending her home with protection.

Finer: A legendary Blackguard commander who developed knee braces with sea-demon bone before going wight and attempting to assassinate his Prism.

Fisk: He barely beat Karris White Oak during their testing as scrubs to enter the Blackguard. He rose through the ranks to become a Black- guard trainer, then served as commander after Ironfist was fired.

Flamehands: An Ilytian drafter and defender of Garriston.

Fukkelot: One of Gavin Guile’s oarmates, he swears unceasingly under stress.

Gaeros: One of Aglaia Crassos’s slaves.

Galaea: Karris White Oak’s maid, and betrayer.

Galden, Jens: A magister at the Chromeria, a red drafter with a grudge against Kip Guile.

Galib: A polychrome at the Chromeria.

Gallos: A stableman at Garriston.

Garadul, Perses: Appointed satrap of Tyrea after Ruy Gonzalo was defeated by the Prism’s forces in the False Prism’s War. Perses was the father of Rask Garadul. He worked to eradicate the bandits plaguing Tyrea after the war.

Garadul, Rask: A satrap who declared himself king of Tyrea; his father was Perses Garadul.

Garret: One of Conn Arthur’s Ghosts.

Gates, Anjali: A senior diplomat in the Chromeria who came out of retirement to serve the Iron White.

Gazzin, Griv: A green drafter who fought alongside Zee Oakenshield.

Gerain: An old man in Garriston who exhorted people to join King Garadul.

Gerrad: A student at the Chromeria.

Gevison: A poet of a heroic bent. He wrote The Wanderer’s Last Journey.

Gloriana: A Blackguard nunk from the cohort behind Teia.

Golden Briar, Cathán: Cousin to both Arys Greenveil and Ela Jorvis. Eva Golden Briar’s elder brother. He replaces Arys Greenveil as the Sub-red on the Spectrum after she dies.

Golden Briar, Dónal: A Blood Forest nobleman and leader of a minor military catastrophe.

Golden Briar, Eva: A Blood Forest noblewoman Andross Guile was going to let Gavin choose to marry.

Goldeneyes, Tawenza: A yellow drafter. She teaches only the three most talented yellows each year at the Chromeria. A notorious misandrist.

Goldthorn: A magister at the Chromeria. Barely three years older than her disciples, she teaches the superviolet class.

Gonzalo: A farrier’s son of Atan’s Town in Darjan’s time. A simpleton.

Gonzalo, Ruy: A Tyrean satrap who sided with Dazen Guile during the False Prism’s War.

Goss: A Parian Blackguard inductee, one of the best fighters, and a member of the Mighty before he was killed by the Lightguard.

Gracia: A mountain Parian scrub. She’s taller than most of the boys.

Grandpa Sé: Served Darien Guile and Selena Oakenshield. Garret’s great-great-grandfather.

Grass, Evi: A drafter and defender of Garriston. She is a green/yellow bichrome from Blood Forest, and is a superchromat.

Grazner: A Blackguard scrub. Kip Guile broke his will in a bout.

Green, Jerrosh: Along with Dervani Malargos, he was one of the best green drafters in the Omnichrome’s army, and a Blood Robe. Killed by the Omnichrome before the Battle of Ru.

Greenveil, Arys: Served as Sub-red on the Spectrum. A redheaded Blood Forester, cousin of Jia Tolver, sister to Ana Jorvis’s mother, Ela. She has thirteen children by thirteen different men and died giving birth to her last son.

Greenveil, Ben-Oni: Arys Greenveil’s thirteenth child. His name means ‘son of my agony.’

Greenveil, Jalen: Arys Greenveil’s third child.

Greyling, Gavin: A legacy Blackguard. Younger brother to Gill Greyling, named after Gavin Guile. He is Freed by Karris White after he breaks the halo on a reconnaissance mission to find her husband.

Greyling, Gill: A legacy Blackguard. He is the elder brother of Gavin Greyling, and the more intelligent of the two.

Greyling, Ithiel: Late Blackguard. Father of Gill and Gavin Greyling.

Grinwoody (né Amalu Anazâr Tlanu): Andross Guile’s head slave, secretary, and right hand. Worked as a Parian legalist before enter- ing Blackguard training; his contract was bought by Andross just before his swearing in as a Blackguard. He is secretly the Old Man of the Desert, the head of the Order of the Broken Eye.

Guile, Abel: Andross Guile’s elder brother and the heir to the Guile ‘fortune’ before he signed it over.

Guile, Andross: Father of Gavin, Dazen, and Sevastian Guile. He drafts yellow through sub-red, although he is primarily known for drafting red, as that was his position on the Spectrum. He took a place on the Spectrum despite being from Blood Forest, which already had a representative, by claiming that his lands in Ruthgar qualified him for the seat. Now the promachos, and the longest-serving member of the Spectrum.

Guile, Darien: Andross Guile’s great-grandfather. He married Zee Oakenshield’s daughter as a resolution to their war.

Guile, Dazen: Younger brother of Gavin. He fell in love with Karris White Oak and triggered the False Prism’s War when ‘he’ burned down her family compound, killing everyone within.

Guile, Draccos: Andross Guile’s father. Hero of the Aghbalu Campaign. Notorious for gambling an entire hyparchy for the hand of a woman, the young Orea Pullawr, on a horse race. He lost the race, the woman, and his family’s entire fortune. It was revealed decades later that his opponent, Juldaw Rathcore, had cheated. The Spectrum refused to expel the Rathcores at that time, leaving the Guiles as wool traders. Implicated in the murder of his brother, but as the only witnesses were slaves whose testimony was thereby inadmissible, the case wasn’t prosecuted by local magistrates or the satraps. (Orea ended up later marrying Juldaw’s brother.)

Guile, Felia (neé Firuzeh Eszter Laleh Dariush): a brilliant linguist and orange drafter from Atash. Wife of Andross Guile, mother to Gavin, Dazen, and Sevastian. Cousin of the Atashian royal family. Freed at Garriston just after the first battle with the Color Prince. Her mother was courted by Ulbear Rathcore before he met Orea Pullawr.

Guile, Galatius: A Guile ancestor, a drunk and a gambler, important mainly because he married the woman who became known as Iron Ataea Guile.

Guile, Gavin: The Prism. Two years older than Dazen, he was appointed Prism-Elect at age thirteen.

Guile, Iron Ataea: Member of a small noble family that provided champion racehorses for Ruthgar and Blood Forest. She stole Galatius Guile’s heart and reshaped the Guile family’s destiny.

Guile, Kip: The illegitimate Tyrean son of Gavin Guile and Katalina Delauria. He is a superchromat and a full-spectrum polychrome. Leader of the Mighty, married to Tisis Malargos.

Guile, Memnon: A legendary wanderer who was cursed by a witch and murdered by his brother on his return home.

Guile, Sevastian: The youngest Guile brother. He was murdered by a blue wight when Gavin was thirteen and Dazen was not yet eleven.

Guile, Zymun: A young drafter and former member of the Omnichrome’s army. Also known as Zymun White Oak, he claims to be the son of Karris and Gavin Guile and has been declared Prism-elect.

Gunner (né Uluch Assan): Legendary Ilytian pirate famous for having killed a sea demon. His first underdeck command was as cannoneer on the Aved Barayah. Worked for Dazen Guile during the False Prism’s War. He later became captain of the Bitter Cob.

Gwafa: A legendary Blackguard.

Hada: Handmaid to Tazerwalt, princess of the Tlaglanu.

Ham-haldita, Kata: Corregidor of Idoss before its fall. Ally of the Color Prince.

Hammer, Enki: The Lord Commandant of the Armies of Paria and the Nuqaba’s consort. Killed by Karris Guile.

Halfcock: One of the oldest Blackguards at forty years old. Sub-red/red bichrome. Refuses to retire.

Hanishu: Tremblefist. A Blackguard. He was Ironfist’s younger brother and was once the dey of Aghbalu. His Nine Kings card is the Butcher of Aghbalu.

Harrdun: Ironfist. Former commander of the Blackguard, a blue drafter. Parian. Brother to Haruru (the Nuqaba) and Hanishu (Tremblefist). Member of the Order of the Broken Eye. Takes the title of King of Paria after his sister is assassinated.

Haruru: The last Nuqaba in Paria, she was assassinated by Teia for the Order of the Broken Eye.

Harl, Pan: A Blackguard inductee. His ancestors were slaves for the last eight generations. Killed in the White King’s War.

Helel: A member of the Order, she masqueraded as a teacher in the Chromeria and tried to murder Kip Guile.

Hena: A magister at the Chromeria who teaches a class on luxin construction.

Hezik: A Blackguard whose mother commanded a pirate hunter in the Narrows. He could shoot cannons fairly accurately.

Hill, Ruarc: A nobleman and leader of Dúnbheo.

Holdfast: A Blackguard. His son is Cruxer and his widow is Inana, another Blackguard.

Holvar, Jin: A woman who entered the Blackguard the same year as Karris White Oak, though she is a few years younger.

Hrozak, Grath: A sadist who murdered hundreds personally, and was well-known for his brutal military tactics.

Idus: A Blackguard scrub.

Inana: Cruxer’s mother, and once a Blackguard. Widow of Holdfast, also a Blackguard. She retired from the Blackguard in order to marry Holdfast.

Incaros: One of Aglaia Crassos’s room slaves.

Isabel (Isa): A pretty young girl in Rekton.

Izemrasen: A ghotra-wearing Parian, forty years old, green drafter. He lost his legs after breaking his back during his training to enter the Blackguard. Now a scout-drafter for Kip Guile’s Nightbringers.

Izza: Karris White Oak’s childhood slave-tutor.

Izîl-Udad: The Nuqaba’s former husband. A cripple.

Izem Blue: A legendary drafter and a defender of Garriston under Gavin Guile.

Izem Red: A defender of Garriston under Gavin Guile. He fought for Gavin during the False Prism’s War. A Parian drafter of red with incredible speed, he wore his ghotra in the shape of a cobra’s hood.

Jade: A female Blackguard.

Jalal: A friendly storekeeper. Karris’s favorite kopi seller on Big Jasper.

Jarae: One of the Guile house slaves when Gavin and Dazen were children.

Jo’El, Seer: An ancient prophet, a Third Eye known for his promises of restoration following a coming devastation.

Jorvis, Ana: A superviolet/blue bichrome, student at the Chromeria, one of the women Andross Guile would have allowed Gavin to marry. Died in suspicious circumstances after she attempted to seduce Gavin by entering his rooms at night. The death was ruled a suicide, but the family claims it was murder.

Jorvis, Demnos: Ana Jorvis’s father, and Arys Greenveil’s brother-in-law, married to Ela Jorvis.

Jorvis, Ela: Sister of Arys Greenveil, wife of Demnos Jorvis, Blood Forester, mother to Ana Jorvis.

Jorvis, High Luxiat: One of the six High Luxiats during Gavin Guile’s first Freeing.

Jorvis, Jason: Brother to Ana, son of Ela and Demnos. Killed by Karris White Oak during the choosing of the White.

Jumber, Norl: A Blackguard, a casualty of the Omnichrome’s War.

Jun: A Blackguard scrub.

Kadah: Formerly a magister at the Chromeria who taught drafting basics. Now a researcher for the Chromeria.

Kalif: A Blackguard.

Kallea: Teia’s sister; married to a butcher.

Kalligenaea, Lady Phoebe: A yellow superchromat with finer luxin control than even Gavin Guile.

Kallikrates: Teia’s father. He ran the silk route as a trader before losing everything due to his wife’s reckless behavior.

Kamal, Amrit: One of the White King’s generals.

Keeper of the Flame, the: A chi drafter. Member of a secret religious order in Dúnbheo.

Keftar, Graystone: A green drafter and Blackguard scrub. He’s an athletic, dark-skinned son of a rich family that paid for him to be trained before he came to the Chromeria.

Kerea: A Blackguard and an Archer.

Klytos Blue: The Blue on the Spectrum. He represents Ilyta, though he is a Ruthgari. A coward and Andross Guile’s tool.

Kyros: Dazen Guile’s childhood tutor.

Laya: A Blackguard who drafted red, present at the Battle of Garriston. Later killed in the Omnichrome’s War.

Leelee: A pretty young kitchen slave in Andross Guile’s household.

Lem (Will): A Blackguard, either simple or crazy, a blue drafter with incredible will.

Leonidas: aka Leo. A member of the Mighty, hugely muscular, drafts red and sub-red. Better known as Big Leo.

Leonus: A sailor with a twisted back who was particularly cruel to the slave rowers.

Lightbringer, the: A controversial figure in prophecy and mythology. Attributes that most agree on are that he is male, will slay or has slain gods and kings, is of mysterious birth, is a genius of magic, a warrior who will sweep, or has swept, all before him, a champion of the poor and downtrodden, great from his youth, He Who Shatters. That most of the prophecies were in Old Parian and the meanings have changed in ways that are difficult to trace hasn’t helped. There are three basic camps: those who believe that the Lightbringer has yet to come; those who believe that the Lightbringer has already come and was Lucidonius (a view the Chromeria now holds, though it didn’t always); and, among some academics, those who believe that the Lightbringer is a metaphor for what is best in all of us.

Lillyfield: Martial arts tutor to Sarai Lucigari and to Teia.

Little Piper: An orange/yellow bichrome Blackguard.

Lorcan: A giant grizzly. Littermates with Tallach.

Lorenço: One of High General Corvan Danavis’s lieutenants.

Lucidonius: The legendary founder of the Seven Satrapies and the Chromeria, the first Prism. He was married to Karris Shadowblinder.

Lucigari, Lady: The mother of Sarai; a wealthy noblewoman of Abornea.

Lucigari, Sarai: Teia was her slave companion and training partner.

Lunna Green: The Green on the Spectrum until her death. Ruthgari, a cousin of Jia Tolver. Her brothers killed Arys Greenveil’s parents during the war.

Lytos: A Blackguard, a lanky Ilytian eunuch. Partners with Buskin. Betrayed his oaths before he was killed by the Mighty.

Malargos, Antonius: Cousin of Eirene and Tisis Malargos. A hand- some young red drafter. Later a military leader of some skill for Kip Guile’s Nightbringers. A devout follower of Orholam.

Malargos, Aristocles: Uncle of Eirene and Tisis Malargos; lost during the chaos in the aftermath of the Battle of Sundered Rock.

Malargos, Camileas: One of the High Luxiats during the False Prism’s War. Sister of Dervani and Aristocles Malargos.

Malargos, Dervani: A Ruthgari nobleman, father of Eirene and Tisis Malargos, a friend and supporter of Dazen during the False Prism’s War. A green drafter who was lost in the wilds of Tyrea for years. When he tried to return home, Felia Guile secretly hired pirates to kill him so that he wouldn’t reveal Gavin’s secrets. He survived the attempt and later became the Omnichrome’s choice for Atirat.

Malargos, Eirene (Prism): The Prism before Alexander Spreading Oak (who preceded Gavin Guile). She lasted fourteen years.

Malargos, Eirene (the Younger): The older sister of Tisis Malargos. She took over the family’s affairs when her father and uncle didn’t return from the False Prism’s War.

Malargos, Perakles: The brutal though cowardly head of the Malargos family prior to Eirene Malargos’s ascension.

Malargos, Thera: Perakles Malargos’s wife.

Malargos, Tisis: A beautiful Ruthgari green drafter. Her father and uncle fought for Dazen Guile. Her older sister is Eirene Malargos, from whom she will likely inherit the wealth of a great trading empire, as Eirene has refused to bear children. Now married to Kip Guile.

Maltheos, the: A Ruthgari noble family that fell before the False Prism’s War.

Marae: One of Teia’s younger sisters.

Marid Black: The Black during the False Prism’s War.

Marissia: See ‘Rathcore, Marissia.’

Marta, Adan: An inhabitant of Rekton.

Martaens, Marta: A magister at the Chromeria. She is one of only a handful of living paryl drafters, and she instructs Teia.

Martaenus, Luzia: A young woman of Atan’s town during Darjan’s time.

Massensen: A hero in defeating the Jadmar Rebellion.

Melanthes: The steward—and slave—of the Malargos family.

Mennad: A Blackguard who gave his life for a Prism.

Mimi, Pasha: A new pirate queen of Ilyta.

Miriam: High General Corvan Danavis’s attaché and lieutenant commander.

Mohana: One of the six High Luxiats.

Mori: A soldier in the Omnichrome’s army.

Morteza: A Shadow for the Order of the Broken Eye.

Mossbeard: The conn of a village on the Blood Forest coast near Ruic Bay.

Muazon, Aldib: The last academic to credibly study paryl.

Muriel: The apothecary for the Order of the Broken Eye.

Naelos: A Blackguard with whom Karris White Oak had a brief affair after the end of her engagement to Gavin Guile.

Nabiros: One of the Two Hundred. Legendary spiritual being. Also known as Cerberos.

Naheed: Satrapah of Atash. She was murdered by General Gad Delmarta during the False Prism’s War.

Naheed, Quentin: A young luxiat, genius polymath, erstwhile assassin, now humble servant of Orholam and slave to the Iron White, Karris Guile. He wears rich clothing as a warning to other luxiats of what sins their vanity may lead them to.

Nassos: A Ruthgari count in western Ruthgar. Liv Danavis’s cousin serves him.

Navid, Gariban: A discipulus at the Chromeria.

Navid, Payam: A good-looking magister at the Chromeria; Phips Navid is his cousin.

Navid, Phips: Cousin to Payam Navid. He grew up in Ru, and later joined the Omnichrome’s army. His father and older brothers were all hanged after the False Prism’s War when he was just twelve years old. Killed in the Battle of Ru.

Nerra: A Blackguard who invented great explosive luxin disks (hull wreckers) for sinking ships.

Niel, Amestan: Now the third largest exporter of wool in Paria, he knew Karris White Oak as a young man.

Niel, Baya: A green drafter and Blackguard.

Nuqaba, the: Keeper of the oral histories of Parians, a figure of unique and tremendous power due to her ancient office as both religious leader to the Parians and guardian of the great Library of Azûlay. Within her satrapy, she rivals both the satrap of Paria and the Prism in her influence.

Nuri (Nuriel): An immortal, one of the elohim.

Oakenshield, Taya: Known for extending the walls of what was once known as Oakenshield Fortress (now simply called the Castle).

Oakenshield, Zee: Andross Guile’s great-great-grandmother, a green drafter.

One-Eye: A mercenary with the Cloven Shield company.

Onesto, Prestor: An Ilytian banker at Varig and Green.

Onesto, Turgal: The young scion of a great merchant banking family and Karris White Oak’s spy.

Ora’lem: The legendary first drafter to use a shimmercloak, name literally meaning ‘the hidden.’

Orholam: From the Old Abornean Or’holam, literally ‘Lord of Light.’ Referred to by his/their titles rather than by a name as a sign of total respect. The deity of the monotheistic Seven Satrapies, also known as the Father of All. His worship was spread throughout the Seven Satrapies by Lucidonius, four hundred years before the reign of Prism Gavin Guile.

Orholam: A tongue-in-cheek nickname for a slave rower who once served Orholam as a prophet. Due to Gunner’s superstitions, he is assigned to the seventh seat in the galley’s ranks, seven being also the number of the deity.

Orlos, Maros: A very religious Ruthgari drafter. He fought in both the False Prism’s War and as a defender of Garriston.

Or-mar-zel-atir: One of the original Blackguards who served Lucidonius. His name meant ‘master who serves as [the goddess] Atirat’s spear’ with the dual connotation that he was a master of the spear, and that he himself was lordly and used as Atirat’s spear.

Oros brothers, the: Two Blackguard scrubs.

Pansy: Gunner’s first mate on the Golden Mean.

Param: A retired Blackguard. One of Karris White Oak’s former lovers.

Parsham, Vell: Freed by Gavin after the False Prism’s War.

Payam, Parshan: A young drafter at the Chromeria who attempted to seduce Liv Danavis as part of a bet. After she learned of the bet, he failed in spectacular fashion.

Pen, Ulgwar: Leader of the Eighth Stoa, scholar who wrote about shimmercloaks and invisibility.

Pevarc: He proved the world was round two hundred years before Gavin Guile, and was later lynched for positing that light was the absence of darkness rather than a positive presence itself.

Phaestos: A legendary woodworker of Blood Forest.

Pheronike: A spy handler for the White King and a sub-red drafter. It was discovered while he was being executed on Orholam’s Glare that he was hosting the immortal Nabiros.

Philosopher, the: A foundational figure in both moral and natural philosophy.

Pip: A Blackguard scrub.

Polyphrastes: A rhetor and grammarian. Author of Dictions.

Pots: A Blackguard.

Presser: A battle-scarred Blackguard.

Proud Hart, Lady: A beloved artist and historian in Dúnbheo.

Ptolos, Euterpe: Satrapah of Ruthgar.

Ptolos, Croesos: Cousin to Euterpe Ptolos.

Pullawr, Orea: The White who preceded Karris Guile. A blue/green bichrome who refrained from drafting for decades in order to prolong her life. She served as the White for nearly thirty years before she was assassinated. She was married to Ulbear Rathcore before his death twenty years prior to her own.

Rados, Blessed Satrap: A Ruthgari satrap who fought the Blood Foresters although he was outnumbered two to one. He was famous for burning the Rozanos Bridge behind his army to keep it from retreating.

Ramir (Ram): A Rekton villager and a bully who was murdered when Rask Garadul destroyed the village.

Rassad, Shayam: Completely blind in the visible spectrum, he allegedly could navigate with sub-red and paryl; instructed Marta Martaens’s teacher in the use of paryl.

Rathcore, Fiona: A Prism.

Rathcore, Ghiolla Dhé: Nobleman, nephew of Orea Pullawr.

Rathcore, Marissia: Gavin Guile’s room slave, Orea Pullawr’s grand- daughter. A red-haired Blood Forester who was captured by the Ruthgari during the Blood Wars, she served Gavin for more than ten years (since she was eighteen) as his room slave—secretly spying for her grandmother.

Rathcore, Ulbear: The late husband of the White, he has been dead for twenty years. An adroit player of Nine Kings.

Red Leaf, Bram: The rotund, rosy-cheeked ambassador to Satrap Willow Bough of Blood Forest; nobleman who holds land on the Blood Forest coast.

Rhoda: Masseuse for the Blackguard and the White.

Rig: A Blackguard legacy. He is a red/orange bichrome.

Roshan, Mahshid: A beautiful superviolet drafter, she serves as a greeter at the Crossroads tavern.

Rud: A Blackguard scrub. He is a squat coastal Parian who wears the ghotra.

Running Wolf: A general for Gavin Guile during the False Prism’s War. He was thrice bested by smaller forces commanded by Corvan Danavis.

Sadah Superviolet: The Parian representative, a superviolet drafter, often the swing vote on the Spectrum.

Salvador: An elderly Tyrean slave.

Samite: One of Karris White Oak’s best friends. Now one-handed after a war wound, she has become a trainer for the Blackguard.

Sanson: A village boy from Rekton who grew up with Kip Guile.

Satish, Ravi: An unscrupulous banker and slaver involved with Aglaia Crassos, and a low-ranking member of the Order of the Broken Eye. From one of the families dispossessed and bankrupted during the False Prism’s War.

Satrap of Atash: See ‘Aravind.’

Sayeh, Meena: Cousin to Samila Sayeh. She was just seven years old when she was killed in Gad Delmarta’s purge of the royal family at Ru.

Sayeh, Samila: A blue drafter for Gavin Guile’s army. She fought in the defense of Garriston under him.

Scriptivist: A prophet.

Seaborn, Brádach: A nobleman who crossed Gavin Guile.

Seaborn, Phyros: A member of the Omnichrome’s army. He was seven feet tall and fought with two axes. Liv Danavis’s protector and guardian. His family was destroyed by the Guiles after his brother crossed Gavin Guile. Killed by Liv Danavis when he tried to enslave her for the White King.

Selene: One of the six High Luxiats. A close friend of Orea Pullawr.

Selene, Lady: A Tyrean blue/green bichrome. Not related to High Luxiat Selene (this being a relatively common name).

Sendinas, the: A Rekton family.

Shadowblinder, Karris (née Karris Atiriel): A desert princess. She became Karris Shadowblinder before she married Lucidonius, and succeeded him as the second Prism of the Seven Satrapies. She founded the Blackguard.

Shala: Gavin Guile’s middle-aged room slave immediately following the False Prism’s War, chosen by Felia Guile. Her position was eventually permanently filled by Marissia.

Shales, Mongalt: A ship’s captain.

Sharp, Murder (né Elijah ben-Kaleb): An assassin of the Order of the Broken Eye who has at times worked for Andross Guile when the Order endorsed the assignment.

Sharp, Nouri: A Shadow for the Order of the Broken Eye.

Shayam: An influential follower of the Color Prince.

Shimmercloak, Gebalyn: Vox Shimmercloak’s former partner. She seems to have died in a fire while on an assignment.

Shimmercloak, Niah: An assassin. Partner to Vox and a lightsplitter.

Shimmercloak, Vox: A green drafter and assassin. He was kicked out of the Chromeria at thirteen. A devotee of Atirat.

Shining Spear: Originally called El-Anat, which means ‘Anat is the lord.’ Once he converted to the Light, he became Forushalzmarish, then Shining Spear so the locals could pronounce it, beginning the tradition of Blackguards’ assuming new names upon joining.

Shmuel, Rivvyn: A light-skinned Abornean Blackguard. A red drafter who fought particularly bravely in the Wight King’s War.

Siana: One of Darjan’s wives.

Siluz, Aurea (Rea): Fourth undersecretary of the Chromeria library. She knows Janus Borig and directs Kip Guile to meet her.

Siofra, Sibéal: A pygmy drafter of Shady Grove.

Small Bear: A huge archer with just one eye. He served Zee Oakenshield.

Spear: A commander of the Blackguard when Gavin Guile first became Prism.

Spreading Oak, Alexander: The Prism before Gavin Guile. Became a poppy addict shortly after becoming Prism. He spent most of his time hiding in his apartments. Son of Lord Bran Spreading Oak.

Spreading Oak, Bran: The head of an old noble family of Blood Forest, devout, an old classmate and friend of Orea Pullawr.

Spreading Oak, Cúan: Nobleman, city leader of Dúnbheo.

Spreading Oak, Gracchos: The youngest of Lord Bran Spreading Oak’s six sons. Killed in the False Prism’s War.

Spreading Oak, Gracchos (the Elder): A Prism known for his exploits between the sheets as much as for his incredible diplomatic prowess. He seduced every kind of woman, from satrapahs to kitchen maids. He lasted just seven years, but managed to stop two wars, though he barely avoided starting a third when his wife found about the kitchen maid.

Strap: An overseer of the slaves on the Bitter Cob.

Stump: A Blackguard. Coastal Parian.

Súil: A weak paryl drafter living in Dúnbheo recruited by the Mighty.

Sworrins, the: A Rekton family.

Tafsut, Thiyya: A legendary Blackguard, remembered for her self-sacrifice and her beauty.

Takama: Head of the Chromeria’s binderies.

Tala: A drafter and warrior in the False Prism’s War. She was also a defender of Garriston. Her grandson is Aheyyad Brightwater, and her sister is Tayri.

Tala (the Younger): A yellow/green bichrome. Named after the hero of the False Prism’s War, she is an excellent drafter, though not yet an excellent fighter.

Talim, Sayid: A former Prism. He nearly got himself named promachos to face the nonexistent armada he claimed waited beyond the Everdark Gates.

Tallach: A giant grizzly partnered with Conn Ruadhán Arthur. His littermate, Lorcan, was paired with Ruadhán’s twin brother, Rónán.

Tamerah: A Blackguard scrub; a blue monochrome.

Tana: A legacy Blackguard.

Tanner: A Blackguard scrub.

Tarkian: A polychrome drafter.

Tawleb, High Luxiat: An important luxiat who was mentoring Quentin Naheed and directed him to assassinate Kip Guile. Once discovered, he was executed on Orholam’s Glare by the Iron White.

Tayri: A Parian drafter and defender of Garriston. Her sister is Tala.

Tazerwalt: A princess of the Tlaglanu tribe of Paria. She married Hanishu, the dey of Aghbalu who later joined the Blackguard and took the name Tremblefist.

Temnos, Dalos the Younger: A drafter who fought in both the False Prism’s War and the defense of Garriston under Gavin Guile.

Tempus: A Blackguard and a watch captain, he led the green drafters during the battle at Ruic Head.

Tensit: A Blackguard inductee.

Tep, Usef: A drafter who fought in the False Prism’s War and later against the Omnichrome’s armies at Garriston. He was also known as the Purple Bear because he was a disjunctive bichrome in red and blue. After the war, he and Samila Sayeh became lovers, despite having fought on opposite sides.

Third Eye (née Polyhymnia): A gifted and powerful Seer, the leader of the original Seers Island inhabitants, and wife of Corvan Danavis before her assassination by Murder Sharp for the Order of the Broken Eye.

Tiziri: A former student at the Chromeria. She has a birthmark over the left half of her face. Forced to leave when Kip Guile failed to win a game of Nine Kings against his grandfather.

Tizrik: The son of the dey of Aghbalu. He failed the Blackguard testing, though not before Kip Guile broke his nose for being a bully.

Tlatig: One of the Blackguard’s most skilled Archers.

Tleros: A Blackguard Archer.

Tolver, Jia: The Yellow on the Spectrum. An Abornean drafter, she is a cousin of Arys Greenveil (the Sub-red).

Treg: A Blackguard who defended Garriston.

Tremblefist (birth name Hanishu): A Blackguard. He was Ironfist’s younger brother and was once the dey of Aghbalu.

Tristaem: The author of On the Fundaments of Reason.

Tufayyur: A Blackguard scrub.

Tugertent: One of the Blackguard’s most skilled Archers. Killed in the White King’s War.

Tychos: An extremely skilled orange drafter and hex-caster (a Chromeria-forbidden magic) in the Color Prince’s army.

Tzeddig: Blackguard trainer who mentored Samite and Karris’s cohort.

Ular: A Blackguard scrub, Jun’s partner.

Usem the Wild: A drafter and defender of Garriston.

Utarkses, Daeron: One of the High Luxiats during the False Prism’s War.

Valor: A mirror slave and former Blackguard trainee.

Vanzer: A Blackguard and green drafter.

Varidos, Kerawon: A superchromat, magister and head tester of the Chromeria. He drafts orange and red.

Varigari, Lord: A scion of the Varigari family, originally fishermen before they were raised in the Blood Wars. He lost the family fortune and lands to his gambling habit.

Vecchini, Phineas: A cannon-caster, and retired cannoneer.

Vecchio, Pash: The richest and most powerful of the pirate kings. His flagship was the Gargantua, the best-armed ship in history. Gavin and Kip Guile sank it. He is reputed to be less than happy about this.

Vena: Liv’s friend and fellow student at the Chromeria; a superviolet.

Verangheti, Lucretia: Adrasteia’s sponsor at the Chromeria. She is from the Smussato Veranghetis (an Ilytian branch of the family).

Verity: Tisis Malargos’s room slave.

Vician: The last True Prism known to history.

Vin, Taya: A mercenary with the Cloven Shield company.

Wanderer, the: A legendary figure, the subject of Gevison’s poem The Wanderer’s Last Journey. Web, Daimhin: A hunter from deep in Blood Forest.

Web, Daimhin: A legendary hunter from deep in Blood Forest, famed for taking his prey with only a knife. Known in his native tongue as Sealgaire na Scian, Hunter With Knives.

Weir, Dravus: A spy with connections to the Blood Forest ambassador.

White Oak, Breck: Nobleman, city leader of Dúnbheo, third cousin of Karris White Oak.

White Oak, Karris (later Karris Guile): The newly appointed White of the Spectrum, also known as the Iron White. Former Blackguard and a red/green bichrome. Married to Gavin Guile.

White Oak, Koios: One of the seven White Oak brothers, brother of Karris White Oak. He disappeared after the disastrous fire that killed nearly all of his family and destroyed their estate; years later he emerged as the Color Prince in Tyrea. Now known as the White King, or the Wight King in the Chromeria’s propaganda.

White Oak, Kolos: One of the seven White Oak brothers, brother to Karris Guile.

White Oak, Rissum: A luxlord, the father of Karris White Oak and her seven brothers; reputed to be hot tempered, but a coward.

White Oak, Rodin: One of the seven White Oak brothers, brother to Karris Guile.

White Oak, Tavos: One of the seven White Oak brothers, brother to Karris Guile.

White, the: The head of the Chromeria and the Spectrum. She (a strong majority of Whites have been women, though it isn’t a requirement) is in charge of all magical and historical education at the Chromeria (as opposed to purely religious instruction, which is the demesne of the High Luxiats). She is in charge of all discipulae, and matters political and social regarding the Chromeria (where the Black is in charge of matters mundane, practical, and martial, and is subordinate to her). She presides over the Chromeria, though her power is limited to casting tiebreaking votes—a rarity, as the Spectrum gives one vote to each of its seven Colors (the Black having no vote ever, though he is allowed to speak and attends meetings).

Wight King, the: aka the White King, the Color Prince, Lord Omnichrome, Crystal Prophet, Polychrome Master, and pejoratively, Lord Rainbow. Leader of a rebellion against the rule of the Chro- meria. He has re-formed almost his entire body with luxin. Reputed to be a full-spectrum polychrome, he posits a faith in freedom and power, rather than in Lucidonius and Orholam. He was formerly Koios White Oak, one of Karris White Oak’s brothers. He was horribly burned in the fire that triggered the False Prism’s War.

Wil: A green drafter, and a Blackguard.

Willow Bough, Briun: The satrap of Blood Forest.

Willow Bough, Culin: A nobleman and leader of Dúnbheo.

Winsen: A mountain Parian, and one of the Mighty. An incredible archer.

Wit, Rondar: A blue drafter who becomes a color wight.

Wood, Deoradhán: A veteran of the Blood Wars.

Young Bull: A blue drafter who fought alongside Zee Oakenshield.

Yugerten: A gangly Blackguard scrub, blue drafter.

Zelorn, Atevia: A respected wine merchant and secretly a priest of the Order of the Broken Eye.

Zid: Quartermaster of the Omnichrome’s army.

Ziri: A Blackguard scrub.