The Black Prism Excerpt

CHAPTER ONE Kip crawled toward the battlefield in the darkness, the mist pressing down, blotting out sound, scattering starlight. Though the adults shunned it, he’d played on the open field a hundred times—during the day. Tonight, his purpose was grimmer. Reaching the top of the hill, Kip stood and hiked up his pants. The river […]

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The Blinding Knife Excerpt


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The Burning White Excerpt

ARE YOU READY? Enjoy the first two chapters of THE BURNING WHITE. I’ve edited and revised these opening scenes since we last published them here on the website (shiny!). If you haven’t read THE BLOOD MIRROR, please stop reading. Seriously, stop. MAJOR SPOILERS below. No, really. Wait … you haven’t read THE BLOOD MIRROR? Go […]

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