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June FB Q&R video

Check out this month’s Question & Response (Q&R) video, from Brent’s official Facebook page:


Also, in case you haven’t already heard, Orbit is hosting a Lightbringer Series reread in anticipation of the October 22 (October 24 UK) release of THE BURNING WHITE. They’ve kicked things off with YouTube vlogger Daniel Greene, who is taking on Book 1, THE BLACK PRISM.

July Facebook Q&A video is live!

Brent went with a longer Q&A this month, focusing on a couple of writing advice questions. You can watch the video below.

Show Notes:

“How many characters are modeled after real people? What are your favorite hunting spots for random characters?” .34

“How do you keep track of all the clues and foreshadowing from your previous books and tie any new ideas into what you’ve already published?” 3.26

Got any other questions? Ask them in the comments, and he’ll answer a few more next month.

Writing Advice: The Pitch


Brent’s latest writing advice post is here! After taking a break for a couple months to catch up on his novel post-tour, he’s back with a detailed look at how to pitch your novel to an agent.

Check it out HERE.

(Oh, and new poll at right!)

New Interview at Fantascize!


Brent discusses his latest book tour experience, who he would cast in movie versions of his books, and what it was like to write The Blinding Knife. There’s also a short video at the end of the interview, featuring Brent discussing writing advice with Fantascize writer F.J. Bayog!

The interview is available HERE.