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Fan Art: Xbox 360 Controller

Check out this amazing fan art. Shaun W.  and Phil B.  created this unique Xbox 360 Controller:


If you’d like to see more of their designs you can check out the website for KustomKontrollers (which does the airbrushing) HERE or like their Facebook page HERE, and you can find Modded Controllers UK’s Facebook page HERE.

Small disclaimer: These aren’t official Night Angel designs: no money or licensing has changed hands. I just consider this a great fan project and thought you all would like to see their creativity and talent!

Perfect Shadow in Hungarian


Perfect Shadow Hungary


A new cover — and a new translation — for Perfect Shadow!

We’re pleased to announce that Perfect Shadow has been translated into Hungarian and is due to be published October 30th. Check it out HERE.

Fan Art Submission #3


Here are two pieces by Emily E. featuring characters from Night Angel!

I love the bright colors and warm expressions on the first one:

Family Photo

I think Kylar’s eyes are really striking in this picture:
Kylar Stern

New Interview at the Fan Forum


Brent has just given a new interview over at the Brent Weeks Fan Forum. Brent answers some questions about what could be next after Lightbringer and the next Night Angel series, which character he would be if he could play a part in a Night Angel movie, and why he is so cruel to his characters. Big thanks to fan Alderan, who put together the questions and posted them!

Check it out HERE.

Graphic Novel Update: First Character Sketches


Brent’s publisher has just released the first two character sketches from The Way of Shadows graphic novel! Go HERE to see them, and feel free to guess who they are in the comments. If you “like” the Brent Weeks Facebook Page, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date as they post more images and details about the book.