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Twitter Interview

Brent is participating in a twitter interview with Bryan Thomas Schmidt today, Wednesday August 20th, at 9pm ET/6pm PST. You can follow the conversation with the  #sffwrtcht hashtag, or by following @sffwrtcht. 


Sword & Laser Interview


Sword & Laser logo

Sword & Laser, a science fiction and fantasy-themed book club, has just posted their interview with Brent! If you’d like to hear how he went from writing on bar napkins to a New York Times bestselling author — you can find the interview HERE.


Drey’s Library: Q&A, Giveaway, Guest Posts!


This December, Brent is the featured author over at Drey’s Library. That means he not only has a new interview over there, he’s also giving away 1 signed hardcover of The Blinding Knife and 5 signed paperbacks of The Black Prism! (International entries are welcome.)

In addition, Drey’s Library will feature a review of his books and two short posts by Brent later in the month: one about his favorite books and another on a topic of his choice. (We’ll let you know when those posts go live.)

So take a look at the Q&A and enter the giveaway HERE!

New Interview!

The Geek of Oz has just posted a new interview with yours truly — I let slip a few details about The Blinding Knife,  the sources of my snarky humor, and even a few words about the possibility of  a Night Angel movie. Check it out HERE.

Should Evil Ever Win?

My friend Shawn Speakman over at the huge SFF blog Suvudu sometimes poses some Big Questions to authors in the genre. This past week, he included me. I am more than happy to have been able to join Terry Brooks, C.S. Friedman, newcomer Peter Orullian, and Dave Wolverton in answering “Why do you think evil never wins at the end of a story?  Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the antagonists won and the protagonists lost?  Has no one ever come up with the idea or do publishers just never publish such stories?”

But rather than steal his thunder, I’ll just post the link here. Please feel free to comment!

Brent Weeks Chats with Peter Orullian

Ever wish you could spend an evening with your favorite writer down at the local bar, just chatting about life, music, writing? Can you imagine yourself at a tavern, quaffing beers and quizzing Brent? We’ve now got the next best thing, courtesy of up-and-coming fantasy author Peter Orullian over at

Orullian has a habit of interviewing some great authors, so he makes sure to ask all the good questions. Check it out!

Pick a Page, Any Page!

Well, not any page. Page 69, to be exact.

If you’ve ever opened up a book, read a random page, and then decided whether or not to buy it — you’ll understand the idea behind The Page 69 Test.

Needless to say, the 69th page of The Black Prism offers an intriguing glimpse into the world of the Seven Satrapies. When Gavin — hold on, I’ve already done this over here (or here).

Many thanks to Marshal Zeringue, not least for having an entire blog dedicated to the page 69 test. And, of course, for offering me the chance to post on it.