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Fan Art Tuesday: @koenscraft

Check out this amazing creation! To learn more about the knife maker, go here.

Look at this beautiful beast! The Blinding Knife has been made! Shout out to @joestonecypher for commissioning this artifact. This piece of art started as a drawing by @jaredstonecypher as a concept for the Hellfang dagger from the Lightbringer Series. It was then built by the talented knifemaker @koenscraft, who modified the design slighty. He wasn’t quite able to give it a white blade, or the 7 gems bracketed by black whorls along the blade, but it still looks incredible! @joestonecypher commissioned it to be made as a gift to his brother, Jared, as a gift & thank-you for officiating Joe’s wedding. #brentweeks #thelightbringerseries #theblackprism #theblindingknife #thebrokeneye #thebloodmirror #fantasy #fiction #fantasyart #ilovefantasyart #bookish #book #bookaholic #bookgeek #bookstagram #goodreads #geek #draw #art #fanart #instadraw #bibliophile #instaart #hellfang #knife #knifeporn #bladeporn #blindingknife #lightbringer #lightbringerseries

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Photobomb Contest Winners!

3rd Place Cemetery

Jayne L. will be receiving a signed copy of The Broken Eye in trade paperback, or the new slipcover for The Black Prism (depending on which she chooses.)

2nd Place

Watch out Red

Tabitha T. also included this limerick:
As Red brought her granny a book,
She was watched by a wolf in a nook,
What was that he did spy?
It was “The Broken Eye”!
He gave chase and soon stole it…the CROOK!

Red considered the loss with disdain,
“Twas for Granny!”, she loudly proclaimed,
And then with a sigh,
She resolved to not cry,
For at least, she nor granny were maimed.

Wait, that’s not how Red’s story goes,
The young girl must rise o’er her foes,
She arose in the wood,
Ran as fast as she could,
And nabbed her book from under his nose.

She’ll be receiving signed trade paperback copies of The Black Prism, The Blinding Knife, and The Broken Eye — or the new slipcover for The Black Prism!

1st Place


Kordian Z. will be receiving signed hardcopies of The Black Prism (along with the NEW cover as well as the old cover), The Blinding Knife, and The Broken Eye! He’ll also get the first six chapters of The Blood Mirror.

And here are a few more of the entries we received — we wish we could have picked them all! Because the quality of the submissions were so high, and it was so hard to choose, we will be sending signed bookplates to everyone who submitted an entry.

Pheasants BatmanReichstag_052 Audiobook Throne


Fan Art: Tattoo!

Italian fan Dario sent us a picture of this amazing tattoo, inspired by the Night Angel Trilogy:
(Remind of you of anything? A certain royal coat of arms, perhaps?)

Alice Mazzeschi was the tattoo artist, and you can find more of her work HERE.