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The Black Prism is a Kindle Daily Deal Today

Hello everyone! Amazon is selling the first Lightbringer book, The Black Prism, for $2.99 as one of their Kindle Daily Deals today only (July 7). Now you can safely put your hardcover copy on the top shelf of your display case and continue to read The Black Prism one (or two, or ten) more times!

You might also buy a copy for your friend who 1) is a bookworm looking for a new title to read, or 2) whose birthday you almost forgot…. You’re welcome!


Fan Art Tuesday: Elm

Here’s an illustration of two members of The Mighty you don’t see too often (and two of my favorite Lightbringer characters): Ben-Hadad and Cruxer! They were drawn by @flyboy_elm and posted over on Twitter.

Orbit $10 Promo at Barnes & Noble

Check it out! Barnes & Noble stores have tables full of Orbit titles–including The Black Prism–for only $10 each (a steal at twice the price, right?).

Of course we know YOU already have a copy. But here are a few reasons to pick up another:

  1. You only have a digital copy and want a paper copy.
  2. Your first (second, and third) copy of Black Prism is well-loved & battle-worn.
  3. You want to get your dad/significant other/teacher/friend/first date/random stranger hooked on Lightbringer.
  4. You need a fresh copy of Black Prism for your #bookstagram feed.

The sale ends June 15.

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Barnes and Noble


Brent Weeks Takes the Pug Challenge

A few weeks ago, Justin Landon interviewed Sam Sykes (self-proclaimed Angriest Man on the Internet) over at Rocket Talk. While discussing various important issues in the SFF world, they made the following comments:

Sam: ‘Cause I — it really bugs me when people, like, send me pug pictures. I have a pug. His name is Otis. And he’s awesome. And I post a lot of pictures of him —
Justin: — A lot. —
Sam: — A lot. Because I think he’s awesome and he’s funny-looking and he does strange things. But, you know, people seem to think this means I am like one of those old ladies who has ceramic pugs, and my welcome mat says “Beware of pugs”.
Justin: Have fans sent you pugs?
Sam: Like, pug, like, little…
Justin: Like little porcelain pugs?
Sam: No, no. 
Justin: Can I just say that if anybody listening to this podcast sends Sam a porcelain pug, I will send you something.
Sam: I will send you a bomb!
Justin: If a fan sends you a porcelain pug, I will send that fan a gift.

[You can listen to the podcast HERE — relevant portion is at the 39:47 mark]


Needless to say, I took immediate action:


If you want to see the pug-egg with real Swarovski crystals in all its glory, I’m sure Sam Sykes will be bringing it with him on tour for his forthcoming book, A City Stained Red. Or you can click HERE.

If you just want to be mean to Sam, tweet or FB him, “Pugs leave paw prints on our hearts.” He loves that.

Pawprints on our Hearts

Fantasy authors, nearly as fun as romance writers.