Five Interviews

It is currently unknown just how much Weeksian goodness the human body can endure, so in the interests of science, I present to you, not one, not two-point-two-five, but five, entire, uncut interviews with… me.

No no no! Come back!

First, a podcast with the excellent folks at GraphicAudio. This interview is about a half an hour long, and I’d tell you more about it if I could remember it all or bear to listen to the sound of my own voice. There are spoilers up through the end of the first book. GraphicAudio has just released the second part of book 2, Shadow’s Edge, and is selling the cd version at at discount right now. In case you missed the earlier post, they do abridged audiobooks with, in this case, 30 actors, a ton of original soundtrack music, and sound effects. I know these books are a huge technical and artistic challenge for them, and they’ve brought an awesome amount of enthusiasm to the project. Fun, cool people.

Then, a decidedly unprofessional, totally unedited take of me taking about ten fan questions that were submitted to I warn at the beginning about spoilers, but then didn’t get asked any spoilery questions, so it actually is spoiler-free. If you want to get YOUR questions answered, we may well do some future segments, depending on my shame threshold. So go ahead and send away. Heck, we may even figure out proper lighting and video editing.

But I wouldn’t bet on it.

A big thanks to Heather and Katie, who compiled the questions, brought the camera, and figured out how to post it. And also endured my mockery.

For the French loving audience out there, three interviews taken while I was at the Paris Salon du Livre in March:

A written interview with Elbakin in French and in English.

A live radio interview with L’Autre Monde (choose Interview on the left menu, then scroll down to Weeks, Brent). Obviously, I speak English, so the interview is in English. A written French version is also available.

And finally, a written French interview with Cedric Gasperini at GamAlive.

The Black Prism – First Three Chapters

I’m sneaking in a post while it is still April. My wife would just hate to have another month completely unrepresented in the archives list to the right. So here it is (I’m a little late to my own party)…the first three chapters of The Black Prism. I’m working night and day to get this book in shape for its slated release in late August. Thus the lack of website action. Lest you think I’m frivolously trotting the globe and otherwise goofing off, please note:

Paris Book Fair

Courtesy of my amazing French publisher, Editions Bragelonne, I will be appearing this year at the Paris Book Fair from 26-28 March 2010. I will be doing signings on Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th. You can find full details HERE.

I look forward to meeting any of you who can come, and feel great sadness that I only took those two years of highschool French. Zut alors!

Cover Launch for The Black Prism

(Click to enlarge. Credit: Richard Jones.)

As we shared previously (see the November post about the leak below), the working image for the cover of The Black Prism came out a few months back. Now, I am pleased to release the final cover art for The Black Prism.

Releasing new covers is, quite honestly, tricky. From a business standpoint, you want people who enjoyed the Night Angel books but can’t even remember my name to be able to identify that these new books are Brent Weeks books. At the same time, you want to let people know that this is a new series, that the feel of these books is new and different, and basically (if you’re Orbit) appeal to the greatest audience possible. This is made harder if every Tom, Dick, and Harry now has a cover with a hooded man with a sword. (Orbit appears to have started a small trend with my last covers.) What I really appreciate about Orbit is that they didn’t settle with a “good enough” cover. The last cover looked good, in my opinion. It communicated that this was  a Brent Weeks book; and it was visually striking, but it just wasn’t quite perfect for these books. I understood the decision, and focused on making The Black Prism the best book I could.

Then Orbit did this. Very gutsy, very different, very cutting edge. Is it a bit of a gamble? Yes. Do I appreciate that? Absolutely.

Lauren Panepinto is a genius. More about Orbit’s cover launch of The Black Prism here. With non-spoiler-y back cover blurb!

So, what IS GraphicAudio?

A graphic audio book of The Way of Shadows (part 1 of 2)  is coming out in April, with installments following it monthly.

But Brent, I thought you already have an audiobook.

Yeah, I do. But GraphicAudio does something different. GraphicAudio performs books with actors and sound effects and a sound track. The books ARE abridged: say if I wrote “It was raining,” instead of hearing someone narrate those words, you’d hear the sound of rain. In my mind, abridging or adapting is a creative work in itself. For example, remember that Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Romeo + Juliet“? A bit different than Shakespeare probably imagined the action–and yet totally cool in its own way.   That’s how I feel about adaptations. GraphicAudio will bring its own vision to this book. And I, for one, am eager to see what they’ve come up with.

One geeky bonus: If you want to know how _I_ pronounce everything, this should be the authoritative source. As an author, I try to make my made up words look different on the page–among other considerations, of course–but I don’t care too much how you pronounce them. Take Vi. Pronounce it Vie, or pronounce it Vee. Your call. You might even think one is cool, and the other sucks. Naturally, I’d like you to choose the one you think is cool. To me, this is part of the co-creation of a world that happens between a reader and an author. I’m just an architect, folks. You get to pick out the drapes yourself.

A graphic audiobook has different demands, so I was delighted when the director called me up and went through a list of names and places and recorded how to say every single one of them. We had a great chat. He even asked my opinion on some of his creative ideas for music, accents, and the whole nine yards. This doesn’t always happen–once he buys the rights from my corporate overlords, he can do WHATEVER he wants with those rights. That’s how it works. So I appreciate the level of craftsmanship and passion he showed. It makes me eager to see the result. If you want to get a taste of what it’s like, they’ve posted THIS SAMPLE which is the first nine minutes/the first chapter of the book. Go ahead, you can go listen.

Cover of Black Prism leaked!

So here I am, writing a book, trying to stitch together a subplot, when I oh-so-innocently launch Twitter. (Always a mistake. Always.) Turns out I have just been scooped. Some blogger posted my new, not-yet-supposed-to-be-released cover. In short order, in the way of the internet, so had someone else, with mild snark added. I’m not one to begrudge a legit scoop or a free side of snark, so a tip of the hat to The Mad Hatter Review and A Dribble of Ink. My lawyers should be contacting you any minute. (Just kidding. I don’t have lawyers; I’ve only got a crazy house elf who likes to sign Esquire after his name.)

Did I ever say that the internet age has weirded publishing? (Apologies to Bill Watterson.) I’m suddenly posting things on the internet about a book I Haven’t Even Finished Writing. I had a publication date before I had a delivery date. Things get out before they’re finalized. Amazon posts the book blurb that I made up Before I Wrote the Book. So…uh, the blurb on Mad Hatter’s page and on Amazon is all wrong. And spoileriffic. Not anyone’s fault. Orbit asked me what the book was about–you know, before the bought the book–and I told them as well as I knew at the time, including spoilers.

Strangely, I like to finish writing the book before I write the back cover blurb–then I know silly little details like What The Characters’ Names Are.

But hey, I’m just The Man, tryin’ to keep you down, Internet. (See, this is why I can’t begrudge free snark.)

And no, I’m not sure why I’m capitalizing random words. Pending German release, perhaps?

Anyway, here it is, in higher definition than you can find it anywhere else! If you can’t do it first, do it better, right?Black Prism cover(click if you can handle the awesomeness)

Did I mention I’m taking cold medicine right now? I think posting on the internet while taking cold medicine probably isn’t covered in my contract–but it will be next time.

Some things about this cover MAY change. But that will have to wait for another post. What do you think?

A Long Absence (by Kristi)

Like Punxsutawney Phil, Brent will soon be poking his head out of his hole. Except he’ll do it in November instead of February. Brent would be delighted to meet you, sign your books, and chat with you at Borderlands Bookstore in San Francisco, California on Monday, November 2nd or at Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing in Beaverton, Oregon on Sunday, November 29th (click here for details).

Channeling the predictive powers of the most famous groundhog in the world, will Brent see his shadow? (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)  Will he finish writing Black Prism on time, or will there be six more weeks of writing?! Nevertheless, the two multi-author book signings will be great (although Brent gets nervous about signing his name and talking at the same time).

Thanks to Jude Feldman and Peter Honigstock for organizing the events!

On a side note that has nothing to do with groundhogs, have you seen The Night Angel Trilogy boxed set? It’s in stores now and we’re pretty excited about it. That line at the top still warms our hearts!

The Night Angel Trilogy
The Night Angel Trilogy