Fan Art Tuesday: @gpdavix

Another great piece by @gpdavix on Instagram! Check out his other work here.

What I’m Playing: Skyrim SE

Skyrim SE—I played Skyrim on Xbox when it first came out, finished the campaign, did the Dark Brotherhood quests, became Archmage—the whole nine yards. Why buy a game I’d already bought? Mods.

Here is where our sneering PC Master Race brethren are somewhat justified in their sneering contempt for those of us with inferior consoles (which cost less than their graphics card). With mods, Skyrim can be pretty. And it still is what it always was: fun. This is what the Assassin’s Creed games have missed. Beautiful art and an intriguing premise can only carry you to a couple dozen million sales. If you want players to pick up your game (for full retail price) a second time, five years later, and put many hours into it again, the game has to be fun.

Somehow, though, I ended up as a mage/stealth-archer AGAIN.

Fan Art Tuesday: Fan Tattoo