Where to Get a Signed Copy of THE BURNING WHITE

Hi friends,

We heard a rumor that you’re looking for a retailer who will let you pre-order a signed copy of THE BURNING WHITE.

Look no further! Below is the list of booksellers who will have limited quantities of signed stock (with the fancy designed page in front). 

My good friend Harry offered to help with these.

These beauties are selling like hotcakes, so politely inquire with your favorite friendly bookseller what is available for pre-order. Please note that since some of these are tour stops, you should specify which edition you are looking for when asking about availability (the pre-signed fancy-paged edition, or the not-yet-signed but gonna-show-up-for-the-man-himself-to-sign edition).

If there are any updates or changes, they’ll be noted right here. Go forth, minions!


Order Online (availability may vary):

The Signed Page (Ships internationally): https://bit.ly/2MSI6iI

Indigo (Canada): https://bit.ly/2YJk7Kh

Waterstones (UK): https://bit.ly/2MQzoBJ

VJ Books (Ships internationally): https://bit.ly/2KOlDR8

Barnes and Noble: https://bit.ly/2kpywIp


Call or In Person

These stores have ordered stock of the signed editions with the special inscription plate. Stop-in or call for details before ordering – the editions listed on their websites may not be the signed ones. If the listing is marked with a (*), make sure to specify that you’re looking for the pre-signed edition.

Alexander Book: San Francisco, CA

Auntie’s Bookstore: Spokane, WA

Book Shop Santa Cruz: Santa Cruz, CA

The Bookloft: Great Barrington, MA

Joseph-Beth Books: Cincinnati, OH & Lexington, KY

*Mysterious Galaxy: San Diego, CA

Mysteries on Main Street: St. Johnstown, NY

*Powell’s Books Inc: Various Locations, OR

Schuller Books: Grand Rapids, MI

*The Tattered Cover: Denver, CA

Third Place Books: Various Locations, WA

Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore: Minneapolis, MN

*University Bookstore: Seattle, WA

Vroman’s Bookstore: Pasadena, CA


*I’ll be signing books in person at this location as part of the White Hot Book Tour.

What’s Your Favorite Scene In Lightbringer?

We know there are some of you who aren’t into social media (FB, IG, & Twitter), so we’re posting this question here:

What’s your most favorite scene from Lightbringer?

If you could pick one chapter from one book, which one would you pick?

And hey, please include spoiler alerts where necessary.


p.s. My (Dread Pirate CAPSLOCK) favorite is either Chapter 75 of Broken Eye… or Chapter 68 of The Burning White 😉 (you don’t HAVE to reference the chapter number, I’m just doing it to keep everything spoiler-free)

Lightbringer Reread: Highlighting Daniel Greene

In the spirit of Orbit’s Lightbringer Reread, we wanted to share more of Daniel Greene’s reviews, featured on his YouTube page.

We’re getting SO CLOSE to October!



He has more Weeksiverse (I just made that up right now) related content and tons of other fantastic fantasy reviews on his YouTube Channel.

And if you’re on Facebook, remember to RSVP to the White Hot Book Tour Event near you!

August Q&R video, White Hot Tour Dates

Hi friends!

Brent held the August edition of his monthly Q&R on Facebook LIVE last week. In case you missed it, see below, in all its unparalleled glory:

Aaaaaaaaand, we’ve announced details for Brent’s upcoming White Hot Book Tour, to promote The Burning White. Check out Brent’s events page!

If you’re going to one of Brent’s tour stops and you use Facebook, be sure to RSVP to the FB event and put the date on your calendar:


Real Life Fantasy: Heat-reactive metals

When we shared that crazy rectangular iceberg a while back, we said there would be more about bismuth in the next RLF entry.


I’m cheating a bit with this entry, and directly quoting the online Encyclopedia Brittanica entry for bismuth:

“Bismuth is a rather brittle metal with a somewhat pinkish, silvery metallic lustre. Bismuth is the most diamagnetic of all metals (i.e., it exhibits the greatest opposition to being magnetized). It is hard and coarsely crystalline. It undergoes a 3.3 percent expansion when it solidifies from the molten state. Its electrical conductivity is very poor, but somewhat better in the liquid state than in the solid. With respect to thermal conductivity, it is the poorest of all metals except mercury.

“Although it does not tarnish in air at ordinary temperatures, bismuth forms an oxide coating when heated and is oxidized rapidly at its boiling point of 1,560 °C. The yellow colour of this oxide distinguishes it from those formed by other metals. At red heat, bismuth reacts with steam, but it is not affected by cold, air-free water; it combines directly with sulfur and with the halogens (fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine). The element is not attacked by hydrochloric acid, and only slightly by hot sulfuric acid, but it is rapidly dissolved by either dilute or concentrated nitric acid.”

The bold and italic sentence above (emphasis mine) is what makes bismuth so dang cool.


a chunk of elemental bismuth
A chunk of regular old bismuth.


WHOA! Rainbow bismuth
And this is rainbow magic oxidized bismuth!


Similarly, here’s what happens when you expose bars of titanium to different wavelengths of light voltages of electricity (thanks, Cory, for the correction!):

Found this gem on Reddit a while ago. Link in pic.

Speaking of Reddit, I also found a video of a person torching a brick of pure copper: https://bit.ly/2TrWsrP]

The thing is, oxidation does some pretty wicked things to many of the elements found on Earth… And thermodynamics (ie heat, or the lack thereof) changes everything. The amount of heat needed to catalyze a chemical reaction depends on the element or compound, atmospheric pressure, density, volume, etc.

Aaaaand, as some of you may know, we humans have trace amounts of several metals in our bodies–each essential to our good health.

LiveScience comes through again! Thanks y’all.

Calcium (that’s right, calcium is a metal!), cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, sodium, and zinc are the primary metals found in humans. They also produce distinct colors when exposed to heat, or used to create compounds. Or both. Cobalt is associated with blue, manganese with violet, magnesium with green, et cetera.

You see where I’m going with this?

Drafters use the chemical compounds in their bodies to create luxin. The same compounds that exist in all of us. Being lightsick, like being hungover, stems from a person’s body chemistry being out of balance (which is why hydration and electrolytes are so helpful in recovering from too much… drafting).

So my question for you, faithful Chromeriacs, is this: is The Lightbringer Series epic fantasy… Or science fiction?

THE BLINDING KNIFE: Reread with The Fantasy Inn

The Lightbringer re-read is in full swing, and the fine folks at The Fantasy Inn read book #2 (The Blinding Knife) shared the full review on their website yesterday. Go forth, click through, tally ho! Or something.

Featuring covers from all 5 Lightbringer books

ALSO: Barnes & Noble had special edition signed copies of THE BURNING WHITE available for pre-order…. Until yesterday evening, when they sold out. (!!!) Stay tuned for more news on the availability of signed copies, the audiobook, and tour stops!

Meanwhile, you should go pre-order a second copy of the book from your favorite purveyor of fine literature, for that friend or family member who will flip out when they open it as their extra special Halloween present from their new favorite person (you).

This lady loves alliteration almost as much as laughter.


Fan Art Tuesday: Victoria Campbell

Hi friends!

In this edition of Fan Art Tuesday, we’re featuring illustrations of a few Lightbringer characters from the talented and illustrious Victoria Campbell (v3ici) :


Liv Danavis


Andross Guile


Gavin Guile


Karris White Oak


Kip Delauria


You can find more of Victoria’s work on their website, Instagram, and Twitter. They also have a Patreon page.