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Fan Art: Tattoo!

Fan Art: Tattoo!

Italian fan Dario sent us a picture of this amazing tattoo, inspired by the Night Angel Trilogy:
(Remind of you of anything? A certain royal coat of arms, perhaps?)

Alice Mazzeschi was the tattoo artist, and you can find more of her work HERE.

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r/Books Ask Me Anything!

r/Books Ask Me Anything!

I’m going live basically right now to answer questions over at Reddit’s subforum r/Books. If you have a question that I haven’t answered or that you’d like to see if I answer it again in some different way, please come and join us and ask your questions. Or just lurk.

Any questions I don’t get to tonight I will try to revisit tomorrow, although I generally tap out after about 20 hours. Hope to see you there!

(Note my very scholarly and serious proof picture.)



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Fan Art Tuesdays: EllieRiku23

Fan Art Tuesdays: EllieRiku23

EllieRiku23 illustrates a wryly smiling Kylar Stern:
I Am a Judge EllieRiku23

More of the artist’s work HERE.

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Limerick Contest Winners

Limerick Contest Winners

We had many excellent entries! Thanks so much for the joy your entries have brought us. (And thanks, much less, for the pain in having to narrow it down to these few winners.)

The top five winners will each receive a brand new dust jacket for the hardcover edition of The Black Prism or a signed trade paperback of The Broken Eye, their choice.

The Top Five Winners:

There once was a man named Gavin,
Surprised by a son he was havin’.
And though his boy Kip
Had thick head and foul lip,
He eventually was glad he had him.
– Janelle

Do YOU yearn to skillfully smack hard?
Then hey kids, sign up for the Blackguard!
The training’s sheer bliss
For all masochists
You’re bound to get face, limbs or back scarred.
– Lisa H.

There once was a man named Hanishu
Whose last words were “which man are you?”
He fought his brother last,
could have kicked his ass
When he should have kicked his uncle’s too.
– Katelyn B.

A man from Cenaria City
A wetboy, focused and gritty
Used kakari for good
Lived all that he could
His friends died instead, what a pity
— Amber S.

I’d have to go with Miss Sovari
Elene is too timid and scarry
Kirena’s too old;
On Vi I am sold
All I need now’s a White Ka’kari
– Chad Z.

And two Honorable Mention:

For a good book Quentin did look,
A tale with a riveting hook.
So out popped Sam Sykes,
As Naheed did say, “Yikes!”
To which Sam replied, “Buy my book.”
– Thomas G.

(Included because you can’t win twice!)
To pretend you’re Gavin, not Dazen,
Is extraordinarily brazen.
To fool the whole world,
Including your girl,
Is nothing short of amazin’.
– Lisa H.


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Fan Art Tuesdays: Ryan Haas

Fan Art Tuesdays: Ryan Haas

Ryan Haas chose to illustrate the beautiful flower from Beyond the Shadows:


See his work HERE.

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Fan Art Tuesdays: Jinladeeda (Round 2!)

Fan Art Tuesdays: Jinladeeda (Round 2!)

This is the second time we’ve posted work by Jinladeeda, but we like it so much, we had to share:


See more HERE.

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Announcing the Brent Weeks Web Store

Announcing the Brent Weeks Web Store

The official Brent Weeks web store is now open!

Our first product is signed hardcover copies from the first printing of The Black Prism. With your purchase, we’ll include a free copy of the new Black Prism dust jacket with your order! (So you won’t miss that Gavin smolder.)

two dust jackets Black Prism

We don’t currently have international shipping as an option; we hope to add that within a few months.

You can also access the Museum Replicas store for Night Angel merchandise via the web store.

This is a new endeavor for us, and while we think we’ve planned well and it should go flawlessly–books packaged to arrive in excellent condition, pay orders smoothly processed, and shipping handled with speed–it IS a new area for us. We will be making changes to the store as we become familiar with the process, so bear with us if we aren’t perfect immediately. (Or, you know, call for CAPSLOCK’s resignation. Angrily. Start a petition on She probably deserves it.)

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Halloween Photobomb Contest

Halloween Photobomb Contest

We’re happy to announce our BIENNIAL Halloween Photobomb  Contest! (No, we didn’t forget last year, we just like to keep things fresh. Fresh like pickled ginger.)

Grand Prize:
Signed Hardcopies of The Black Prism (with NEW cover! & old cover so you don’t miss out on smolderingly handsome Gavin), The Blinding Knife, and The Broken Eye — and the first 6 chapters of The Blood Mirror!

Grand Prize


Second Place:
Signed Trade Paperback Copies of The Black Prism, The Blinding Knife, and The Broken Eye, or the new slipcover for The Black Prism.

TPB Collage

Third Place:
A signed copy of The Broken Eye in Trade Paperback, or the new slipcover for The Black Prism.

Broken Eye TPB


  1. Take a picture of any one of Brent’s books (must be identifiable, and for the sake of this contest, no e-readers) in any exciting, interesting, exotic, or funny locale or with an exciting, interesting, exotic, or funny celebrity or person in an amazing costume*. The picture does not have to be an actual photobomb…. but, uh, that would be nice, since it is in the title of the contest and all.
  2. To enter, email your photo with subject line “Halloween 2015 Contest” to by FridayNovember 6th at 5PM Pacific Standard Time.
  3. You can enter as many submissions as you like — but you can only win one prize.

Although I appreciate a good Photoshop job as well as anyone, heavily Photoshopped pictures will not be eligible for prizes. Obviously, touching up a real photo is fine. Even PhotoShopping in laser beams is fine–though that’s not the point of this contest, and we’ll do a Photoshop anything goes contest later. Photoshopping in Chris Pratt holding my book when he isn’t actually holding my book is not fine. (Because you would totally win if you actually could get a pic of him holding my book.)

*Don’t Photobomb inappropriately or illegally, yo.

International submissions are encouraged!

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Limerick Contest

Limerick Contest

Once there was a boy who wrote books
He would do whatever it took
To please all his fans
Except guys named Dan
To give them an excellent look!

Our last limerick contest was a few years ago and we’ve decided to run another!

This time, the top five winners will each receive their choice of a brand new dust jacket for the hardcover edition of The Black Prism or a signed trade paperback of The Broken Eye.

The last word in lines 1, 2, and 5 must rhyme and contain 8-9 syllables each.
The last word in lines 3 and 4 must rhyme and contain 5-6 syllables each.
All submissions must be sent to by Monday, October 12 at 5pm Pacific Standard Time.
The subject line of your email should read “Limerick Contest”.
The BEST limericks have some kind of turn in the last line. (Not like Brent’s above.)
It must be about an event, character, or object in either the Night Angel Trilogy or The Lightbringer Series.

Famous limericks:
1. There once was a man from Nantucket
Who kept all his cash in a bucket.
But his daughter, named Nan,
Ran away with a man,
And as for the bucket, Nantucket.

3. There was an Old Man of Peru
Who watched his wife making a stew.
But once, by mistake,
In a stove she did bake
That unfortunate Man of Peru.
– Edward Lear

4. There was a young lady of Niger
who smiled as she rode on a tiger;
They returned from the ride
with the lady inside,
and the smile on the face of the tiger.
— Edward Lear

5. A wonderful bird is the pelican,
His bill can hold more than his beli-can.
He can take in his beak
Food enough for a week
But I’m damned if I see how the heli-can.
– Dixon Lanier Merritt

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Fan Art Tuesdays: WeStandForSomething

Fan Art Tuesdays: WeStandForSomething

Here’s something a little different for Fan Art Tuesdays — a very cool graphic:


Find more by this artist HERE.

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