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Fan Art: Viridiana Sovari

Fan Art: Viridiana Sovari


The very talented Katrianna A. has just sent us another awesome portrait of a Night Angel character. (See her perspective of Durzo HERE, and more of her work HERE.)

Viridiana Sovari:

Viridiana portrait by Katrianna A

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The winner is…

The winner is…

Wow, do I hate being a judge. CAPSLOCK and I went through all the entries, and I kept saying, “Yeah, that should definitely be one of our winners.” At the end, I realized I’d said it for every competitor. The ‘dual entries’ that we allowed were particularly hard. “Oh, do we give this one to Vi or to Kylar, which Blackguard of this pair, which twin? Crap!” So, thank you for all your hard work and dedication–and forgive me if you were robbed in the prizes.

But as there must be winners, here’s what we chose:

First Place: Red-Yellow Color Wight

Red-Yellow Color Wight #2

Second Place: A Tie!

Blue Monochrome Blackguard

Blue Drafter #1

Kylar with Black Ka’kari

Kylar and Ka'kari

Third Place: Garoth Ursuul

Garoth Ursuul

Fourth Place: Vi Sovari


If you disagree with any of our choices, that was probably a case where CAPSLOCK convinced me to go against my better judgment. ;)

And because everyone was so great, we will be giving signed and personalized bookplates to everyone who submitted an entry.

Also, Germany gets a special mention for sending more awesome than any other country. Germany, FTW! (The rest of you are on notice.)

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Halloween Costume Contest 2013 Entries

Halloween Costume Contest 2013 Entries

Here are the fantastic entries we received for our 2013 Halloween Costume Contest. Fans went above and beyond this year.

Because we received so many awesome submissions, I’ve decided to post all the entries here today, and tomorrow morning (Pacific Standard Time), we’ll announce the winners. (Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to you contestants.)

You’ll notice there are a few “quadruple” submissions: I gave permission, via comments in the rules post, for “teams” of two characters to submit a total of four costume pictures. I clarified that if they won first place, that just one of the contestants would still win, but if they were a team, I would be willing to send a copy of the first four chapters to each contestant.

(Also, new poll!)

The contestants:


Kylar Stern & Vi Sovari:

Kylar Stern and Vi Sovari


Viridiana Sovari

Kylar Stern:

Kylar Stern #1

Kylar Stern #2

Garoth Ursuul:

Garoth Ursuul

Kylar Stern:



Momma K:

Momma K #1
Momma K #2

Vi Sovari:

Vi Sovari holding sword

Vi surrendering her sword to Kylar

Jenine Gunder:

Jenine Gunder

Jenine Gunder in traditional green Cenarian wedding gown.


Durzo Blint:

Durzos 1st Rule

Too Late To Run

Vi Sovari & Kylar Stern:



Kylar’s Sword Close-up:

2013-11-01 18.27.07

2013-11-01 18.29.02

2013-11-01 18.29.27


The Night Angel:

Night Angel #1

Night Angel #2


Kylar with the Black Ka’kari:

Kylar and Ka'kari






Red Drafter:



Red Drafter #1

Green Wight:

Green Wight


Gunner #1

Red-Yellow Color Wight:

Red-Yellow Color Wight #2

Red-Yellow Color Wight

Blue Monochrome Blackguard

Blue Drafter #1


Yellow Monochrome Blackguard


A Blackguard Team:

Two Blackguards

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Legend Award Winner

Legend Award Winner

I’ve just won the David Gemmell Legend Award!

Thanks to YOU, my fans, I’m now (or will be soon) the proud owner of THIS:














Thank you so much. While several of the other winners graciously congratulated me (more graciously than I would have managed, no doubt), I think Joe Abercrombie summed up the enthusiasm for my win best:

I think it’s a good thing they made this award an axe. I may need it for self-defense.

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Halloween Contest Closes Tomorrow!

Halloween Contest Closes Tomorrow!


If you’d like to enter to win some great prizes (including the first four chapters of The Broken Eye), be sure to submit your costume pics by tomorrow, November 1, at 5pm PST! Go HERE for the rest of the details!

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Czech Black Prism!

Czech Black Prism!


We are very pleased to announce that The Black Prism is now available in the Czech Republic! Check out the cover:


Go HERE to order your copy from the publisher; to order from another retail outlet, go HERE or HERE.


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Halloween Costume Contest Reminder

Halloween Costume Contest Reminder


We’ve received some awesome entries for the Halloween costume contest. If you’d like a chance to win some amazing prizes, be sure to submit your entry by November 1, at 5pm PST!

A repost of the prizes and the rules below (if you have some questions, check out Brent’s comments HERE to see if they’ve been answered, and feel free to post other questions in the comments to this post):

FIRST PLACE: The first FOUR chapters of The Broken Eye – that’s two more new chapters than you can get anywhere else right now! – and signed copies of The Black Prism and The Blinding Knife in trade paperback.

SECOND PLACE: Signed copies of The Black Prism and The Blinding Knife in trade paperback.

THIRD PLACE: A signed copy of The Blinding Knife in trade paperback.

FOURTH PLACE: Two signed bookplates.


1. Entry due by Friday, November 1, 2013 at 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

2. Entry must include a picture of you in a costume inspired by the Night Angel Trilogy or the Lightbringer Series (go HERE to check out the Night Angel character sketches), along with a one-to-two sentence description.

3. International entries are allowed and encouraged!

4. As long as the costume is materially yours, some Photoshop is fine (no presenting characters from movies or video games by putting a gloss of Photoshop on it and saying it’s your costume).

5. Two entries allowed per person, but you can only win once.

6. The subject line of the email must read: 2013 Costume Contest.

7. Address the email to: CAPSLOCK @ (no spaces; and just like last year, Brent will be selecting the winners).

8. The costume must be family-friendly (as usual, we’d like to display the best entries on the website and can’t do that if it’s not appropriate for younger fans)

Winners will be announced on Monday, November 4, 2013.

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Spanish-Language Review and Book Trailer

Spanish-Language Review and Book Trailer


Spanish-language readers, check out this high praise of El Prismo Negro from book blog La Biblioteca de Seshat:

“Resumiendo, es un libro que como podéis ver me encanta, y no puedo sino recomendarlo a cualquier amante de la fantasía. Es de lo mejor en fantasía después de Tolkien y Martin…” [In short, as you can see, it is a book I love, and I can not but recommend it to any fantasy lover. It is the best in fantasy after Tolkien and Martin...]

Go HERE to read the rest and HERE to order your copy!

And for those of you who are interested in a Spanish Black Prism book trailer, this one has Spanish-language subtitles (though I can’t guarantee the complete accuracy of the translations!):

(Also, new poll at right!)

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Way of Shadows Posters Giveaway: NYCC

Way of Shadows Posters Giveaway: NYCC


For those of you attending New York City Comic Con this weekend, Yen Press has a special giveaway of some of these amazing small posters of the upcoming The Way of Shadows graphic novel:

Graphic Novel character poster

To get one, go to Yen Press’s booth, #2218, and give the secret code: Retribution.

Hurry over before they run out!


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Perfect Shadow in Hungarian

Perfect Shadow in Hungarian


Perfect Shadow Hungary


A new cover — and a new translation — for Perfect Shadow!

We’re pleased to announce that Perfect Shadow has been translated into Hungarian and is due to be published October 30th. Check it out HERE.

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