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Fan Art Tuesdays: Nele Klumpe

Fan Art Tuesdays: Nele Klumpe

Artist Nele Klumpe shares her vision of Kip Guile (below) and Gavin Guile (HERE). Go HERE to see more of her work, and HERE to check out her blog!

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Worldbuilders Stretch Goal: Brent Reads a 1-Star Review

Worldbuilders Stretch Goal: Brent Reads a 1-Star Review


As part of the famous Worldbuilders’ annual fundraiser, Pat Rothfuss asked some SFF authors to read some 1-star reviews. Including Brent.

Also, new poll!! –>

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Locus #1 Bestseller: The Broken Eye

Locus #1 Bestseller: The Broken Eye


We’re pleased to announce that The Broken Eye was Number 1 on Locus Magazine’s Hardcover Bestseller list for both November and December!


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Writing Advice Interview: Fresh Updates!

Writing Advice Interview: Fresh Updates!

For the month of December, some updates to Brent’s writing advice interview. They don’t have much to do with writing this month, but go HERE to see Brent’s answers to important questions like:
– Will he ever write a Ninja Kitty Night Angel novel?
– What sound does he hate?
– How much does he pay that Bulgarian?

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Fan Art Tuesday: Jake Opperman

Fan Art Tuesday: Jake Opperman

The talented Jake Opperman has once again created some Lightbringer art. This time he’s depicted Ruic Head, scene of an infamous battle in The Blinding Knife.


Go HERE to see his depiction of Ironfist, and HERE to see more of his artwork.

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Fan Art Tuesday: Pen Astridge

Fan Art Tuesday: Pen Astridge

Check out this awesome fan art by Pen Astridge.

She explains:
“It’s not an overly complex style, really it’s just figure photography with some photoshop work.
“Basically it’s piecing together different nendoroids (which is the name for these particular chibi style of figures) to look as close to the cover character as possible. Then I pose them and photograph them. Finally I photoshop them onto a background to complete the cover art. And that’s what I call them, ‘Cover Art’ kind of like a cover/remake of a song but of a cover of a book instead. So really it’s a cover cover.”

(Find more of her work HERE.)

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Perfect Shadow Holiday Sale

Perfect Shadow Holiday Sale


Click below to purchase now!




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New Interview at

New Interview at

Making ComicsCHECK OUT Brent’s discussion with interviewer Kevin Cullen of Making Comics. Kevin got Brent to share details on worldbuilding,the challenges (and awesomeness) of translating a novel to a comic,  and how the adaptation team scripted The Way of Shadows graphic novel.


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Fan Art Tuesday: Mario Fernandes

Fan Art Tuesday: Mario Fernandes

Artist Mario Fernandes has some amazing drawings of characters from The Night Angel Trilogy and The Lightbringer Series. You can go HERE to see his depictions of Vi Sovari, Andross Guile, Ironfist, and more.

Below, two pieces from his gallery:

Captain Gunner Illustration

Turtle Bear Illustration

Mario notes: “Brent Weeks’s writing takes me on a journey so vivid, populated with such compelling characters that I can’t help but explore it further through drawing.”

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A Night Angel Love Story…?

A Night Angel Love Story…?

A reader’s mom wrote me recently:


They “met on a Bart Train in SF California, my son was reading this book and she had just finished it…so she introduced herself….and a love story began.  He proposed in a book store [Four-Eyed Frog Books, where he arranged with the store owner to put The Way of Shadows in a place she would find it]. He carved the center out, placed his engagement ring in the center of the book….and when she found it he proposed.”
Frog Eyed books_engagement_border



We all wish you the greatest happiness! Thank you so much to Connie for sharing these stories and the pictures. (And thanks to Four-Eyed Frog Books for facilitating this. Hooray for awesome booksellers!)

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