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The Broken Eye Book Tour

The Broken Eye Book Tour

Click the links to get more details over at the Facebook pages for these events!

Powells_logo1Powell’s at Cedar Hill Crossing, Beaverton, OR
Tuesday, August 26 at 7pm

open-bookUniversity Bookstore, Seattle, WA
Wednesday, August 27 at 7pm

Borderlands_Books_B&W_LogoBorderlands, San Francisco, CA
Thursday, August 28 at 7pm

mysterious1Mysterious Galaxy, San Diego, CA
Friday, August 29 at 7pm

TatteredCoverLogoTattered Cover, Denver, CO
Saturday, August 30 at 2pm

kingsenglishThe King’s English Bookshop, Salt Lake City, UT
Tuesday, September 2 at 7pm

Murder by the BookMurder by the Book, Houston, TX
Wednesday, September 3 at 6:30pm

Barnes-Noble-logoBarnes & Noble Booksellers, Roseville, MN
Thursday, September 4 at 7pm

Joseph-BethJoseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH:
Friday, September 5 at 7pm

Barnes-Noble-logoBarnes & Noble, Madison, WI
Saturday, September 6 at 3pm

bb_logo2The Book Bin, Salem, OR
Monday, September 8 at 7pm

We’ll be posting an update in a few weeks featuring details on whether you need to buy a ticket for the event, a book at the bookstore, and other helpful information. Stay tuned!


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Barnes & Noble Deal: 2-for-1

Barnes & Noble Deal: 2-for-1


For a limited time, Barnes & Noble is offering the first two books of The Lightbringer Series as part of a 2 for the price of 1 promotion.

Go HERE to order!

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Goodreads Giveaway & Books-a-Million Deal

Goodreads Giveaway & Books-a-Million Deal

Weeks_Black Prism-TP
Brent’s publisher Orbit is hosting a Goodreads giveaway of the trade paperback version of The Black Prism. There are 10 copies available, and you can enter to win from now until July 1, 2014. (Due to shipping costs, it is only open to readers in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland.) If you’re a Goodreads user, go HERE to participate!

In other news, Books-a-Million is — for a limited time — hosting The Black Prism and The Blinding Knife in their stores on their Buy 2 Get 1 Free tables. If you were looking for an excuse to buy a few more books (and of course you were!), go check it out!

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Barnes & Noble Signed Broken Eye

Barnes & Noble Signed Broken Eye

Signed Broken Eye (B&N)Barnes & Noble is now offering a limited run of signed copies of The Broken Eye.

Go HERE to pre-order!

P.S. Remember to keep a copy of your order confirmation e-mail! We’ll tell you why later.

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Fan Art: Xbox 360 Controller

Fan Art: Xbox 360 Controller

Check out this amazing fan art. Shaun W.  and Phil B.  created this unique Xbox 360 Controller:


If you’d like to see more of their designs you can check out the website for KustomKontrollers (which does the airbrushing) HERE or like their Facebook page HERE, and you can find Modded Controllers UK’s Facebook page HERE.

Small disclaimer: These aren’t official Night Angel designs: no money or licensing has changed hands. I just consider this a great fan project and thought you all would like to see their creativity and talent!

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Goodreads: Ask the Author

Goodreads: Ask the Author

ask the author

Do you feel like my FAQ just doesn’t cover the bases? Are you dying to know if I’ll bring back Blue? Want to ask for hints about The Broken Eye? Just want to see what kind of cookies I  like best so you can bring them to a signing (hint hint)?

Good news! Goodreads is rolling out a brand new feature, Ask the Author, which allows you to submit questions on their website. If/when I’m able to respond, you’ll see the question and answer on my Goodreads page. I’ll have this feature turned on when I’m taking questions — and I’ll be sure to announce those times here — and I’ll be starting TODAY. So head on over HERE, scroll down below the “Brent Weeks’s Books” Section to submit questions, and I’ll work on responding to as many as I can this afternoon!

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L’Ombre Parfaite/Perfect Shadow

L’Ombre Parfaite/Perfect Shadow


We’re so pleased to announce that the French edition of Perfect Shadow is now available! You can order it HERE.


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Retailers Still Taking Pre-Orders

Retailers Still Taking Pre-Orders

The Broken Eye HC

Many of you have no doubt heard that Amazon and Hachette are in the middle of contract negotiations. Amazon has increased shipping times, removed discounts, and suspended pre-orders for many Hachette books, including mine. Here is a list of links to retailers who stock my books in the United States.  

This is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to add quality booksellers in the comments. I grabbed ones I have visited personally or that I’ve heard are excellent.

P.S. If you pre-order The Broken Eye from any retailer, U.S. or international, take a quick picture or a screengrab of your receipt. No promises, but I’m trying hard to come up with a nice pre-order bonus for you. I’ll post about that in the future.


— currently 40% off


— currently 35% off



— currently 30% off



The Signed Page — pre-order a signed copy of The Broken Eye

Albuquerque, NM — Bookworks
Athens, GA — Avid Bookshop
Atlanta, GA — A Cappella Books
Austin, TX — BookPeople
Bellingham, WA — Village Books
Boston, MA — Harvard Bookstore
Brooklyn, NY — WORD Bookstores
Chapel Hill, NC — Flyleaf Books
Charleston, SC — Blue Bicycle Books*
Cheboygan, MI — Purple Tree Books*
Chicago, IL — Quimby’s Bookstore*
Cincinnati, OH — Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Denver, CO — The Tattered Cover
Galveston, TX — Galveston Bookshop*
Grand Rapids, MI — Schuler Books*
Greenville, SC — Fiction Addiction*
Houston, TX — Murder Books
Indianapolis, IN — Indy Reads Books*
Jersey City, NJ — WORD Bookstores
Lake Forest Park, WA — Third Place Books
Lansing, MI — Schuler Books*
Lexington, KY — Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Los Angeles, CA — The Last Bookstore*
Miami, FL — Books & Books
Minneapolis, MN — Magers & Quinn Booksellers*
Missoula, MT — Fact & fiction
Montague, MA — Montague Bookmill*
Montpelier, VT — Bear Pond Books
Naperville, IL — Anderson’s Bookshop
Nashville, TN — Parnassus Books
New Orleans, LA — Maple Street Bookshop
New York, NY — McNally Jackson
Oak Park, MI — Book Beat*
Oswego, NY — River’s End Bookstore
Oxford, MS — Square Books
Philadelphia, PA — Joseph Fox Bookshop
Pittsburgh, PA — Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Portland, OR — Powell’s Books
Redondo Beach, CA — Mysterious Galaxy*
Salem, OR — Reader’s Guide*
Salt Lake City, UT — The King’s English
San Diego, CA – Mysterious Galaxy*
San Francisco, CA — Borderlands*
Scottsdale, AZ — The Poisoned Pen
Seattle, WA — University Bookstore
St. Louis, MO – Subterranean Books
Washington, DC — Politics & Prose

We’ve only listed U.S. bookstores because the Amazon/Hachette dispute only affects U.S. preorders.

*This retailer does not have an online preorder option for books. Call or visit.

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Goodreads Goodness

Goodreads Goodness


locke & key 2


Locke and Key4




Over on Goodreads, Brent’s just posted a long review of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke & Key. See why Brent thinks this series is a must-read (or as he put it: “reading Locke & Key… was like volunteering to be taken to school.”)

On a related note, Goodreads is a great place to keep up-to-date on what Brent’s reading, see his occasional reviews, and take a few quizzes about his books. He’s even posted some lists of the books that inspired him and helped him become a better writer. Brent’s publisher also runs some Goodreads-exclusive giveaways from time to time. You can friend or follow him on Goodreads HERE. (But you don’t need to be a member of Goodreads to read his reviews or see his lists.)

We also have a couple of quizzes based on your knowledge of the Seven Satrapies! (Note: the glossary and character list may be helpful.)

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Brent Weeks Takes the Pug Challenge

Brent Weeks Takes the Pug Challenge

A few weeks ago, Justin Landon interviewed Sam Sykes (self-proclaimed Angriest Man on the Internet) over at Rocket Talk. While discussing various important issues in the SFF world, they made the following comments:

Sam: ‘Cause I — it really bugs me when people, like, send me pug pictures. I have a pug. His name is Otis. And he’s awesome. And I post a lot of pictures of him –
Justin: — A lot. –
Sam: — A lot. Because I think he’s awesome and he’s funny-looking and he does strange things. But, you know, people seem to think this means I am like one of those old ladies who has ceramic pugs, and my welcome mat says “Beware of pugs”.
Justin: Have fans sent you pugs?
Sam: Like, pug, like, little…
Justin: Like little porcelain pugs?
Sam: No, no. 
Justin: Can I just say that if anybody listening to this podcast sends Sam a porcelain pug, I will send you something.
Sam: I will send you a bomb!
Justin: If a fan sends you a porcelain pug, I will send that fan a gift.

[You can listen to the podcast HERE — relevant portion is at the 39:47 mark]


Needless to say, I took immediate action:


If you want to see the pug-egg with real Swarovski crystals in all its glory, I’m sure Sam Sykes will be bringing it with him on tour for his forthcoming book, A City Stained Red. Or you can click HERE.

If you just want to be mean to Sam, tweet or FB him, “Pugs leave paw prints on our hearts.” He loves that.

Pawprints on our Hearts

Fantasy authors, nearly as fun as romance writers.

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