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New Fan Tattoo

New Fan Tattoo


A fan has just shared an awesome shoulder tattoo of some Night Angel vir.

Check it out:

 Tattoo of vir2Tattoo of vir1

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Watch the Geek Bomb Book Chat!

Watch the Geek Bomb Book Chat!


Brent had a great time talking with the Geek Bomb Book Club (hosted by Maude Garrett) and answering questions from some fans.

See the full interview below, or watch HERE:

Thanks Geek Bomb!

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My Valentine’s Day Gift to the world…

My Valentine’s Day Gift to the world…

When I first published The Way of Shadows, I made a joke in the back about ‘Where I get my ideas’ (a question every writer gets–a lot). I said I had no ideas, I just paid a Bulgarian to think them up for me…

Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had people think I was serious. (How do I get this kind of idea-making-up job? Why a Bulgarian? Aren’t American ideas good enough for you?)

But now I have another reason to not use that joke–because the first two books of the Lightbringer Series is coming to Bulgaria! We’ve also picked up a few other languages. The entire Night Angel trilogy is coming to Brazil, Romania is testing the waters with The Way of Shadows, France picks up Perfect Shadow, and mainland China will be getting the entire Lightbringer Series.

Also, because it’s Valentine’s Day, take this yawning baby hedgehog. No one can be sad when they see a yawning baby hedgehog.

A yawning hedgehog

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Geek Bomb Live Stream Interview!

Geek Bomb Live Stream Interview!


I will be joining Geek Bomb for a live Google Hangout on this Sunday, February 16th at 10:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. (That’s Monday, February 17th at 5:00 PM for you Aussies on the Sydney time zone!) Be sure to join us HERE.

If you haven’t heard of Geek Bomb — Host Maude Garrett and team cover video games, reviews, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars and all manner of things geek! (Maude often gets to chat with real celebrities, so I hope she enjoys slumming it with me!*)

If you’d like to participate on the panel, you can email geekbombshells @ (without the spaces) with a 60 second clip stating why you’d be perfect for the panel and what you’d like to ask Brent!

* Jamie Foxx, Emma Stone, Stana Katic, JJ Abrams

You can also follow Geek Bomb or join their book club via:
YoutubeWebsiteTwitter, FacebookGoogle+

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Epic Fantasy Author Dinner Auction

Epic Fantasy Author Dinner Auction

UPDATE: The bidding is over. We’ve raised $3,050 for Worldbuilders! Thanks to all who participated.

How would you like to have dinner — in Seattle — with these epic fantasy authors?

Followed by a tour of the Fantasy exhibit at the EMP museum?

Concluded by a care package of a signed book from each author?

You could enjoy just such an evening if you win THIS Worldbuilders Charity Auction.

If you haven’t heard of Worldbuilders, it’s a charitable organization founded by Pat Rothfuss (and supported by the fantasy community in general) to help fund Heifer International.

Check out the auction page HERE for more details! The bidding ends on February 2, 2014.

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Space City Con 2014

Space City Con 2014

You have a decision to make:


Brent Weeks Author photo medium












So, given that I’m scheduled against the Game of Thrones panel, and I know some of you will accidentally wander into that one, I’ve decided to ADD AN EVENT.

Limited to the first ten people who email me (brent at brent weeks dot com), I’m doing a kaffeeklatsch. What’s a kaffeeklatsch? The eleven of us meet at a restaurant or coffee house, and chat for an hour or two. We can talk publishing, or my books, or how hot Jason Momoa is. No, not that last one. Informal, and a chance to hang out a bit. (Time and day to be determined, I’ll let you know via email.)


Space City Con is happening this Friday through Sunday, January 3-6, in Galveston, Texas. Other authors include Cherie Priest and Larry Correia. So if you’re in Houston, Galveston, or somewhere within driving distance, come check it out!

Go HERE to buy your tickets and HERE to see a complete schedule.

My reading and Q&A will be on Saturday, January 4 in the Garden Cay room from 2:30pm to 3:45pm.

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A Night Angel Christmas Greeting

A Night Angel Christmas Greeting

From the fantastic Andy MacDonald, artist for the upcoming Way of Shadows graphic novel:

Night Angel Christmas

Thanks for a great 2013. May your holidays be bright and full of cheer!

Merry Christmas,




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Hungary: Perfect Shadow Now Available

Hungary: Perfect Shadow Now Available



If you’re looking for the Hungarian edition of Perfect Shadow, you can order it HERE.

Also, new poll at right!

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Fantastical Imaginations: Fantasy Books 2014

Fantastical Imaginations: Fantasy Books 2014


Dominick Swennen, proprietor of book blog Fantastical Imaginations, has some comments from a bunch of fantasy authors about their upcoming books.  Brent’s answered a few questions about The Broken Eye HERE

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The Broken Eye: Now Available for Pre-Order!

The Broken Eye: Now Available for Pre-Order!

The Broken Eye HC

Available for pre-order from:


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