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Unbound Worlds Interview!

Unbound Worlds Interview!


Over at Unbound Worlds (formerly Suvudu), Shawn Speakman interviews Brent about The Blood Mirror. If you’d like to know more about how the story “grew in the telling”, Brent’s plans for the final book, and what Brent’s favorite color to wear is… go HERE.

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The Blood Mirror Publishes Today!

The Blood Mirror Publishes Today!


We’re so pleased that The Blood Mirror (Book #4 of The Lightbringer Series) publishes today in hardcover, e-book, and audio!

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, click one of the vendors below to purchase!

More Stores

The book launches on Thursday in the UK. (So there’s still time to preorder — just click one of the links below.)

Amazon UK
iTunes UK
More UK Stores

Brent’s on book tour right now, so if you’d like to see where he’s making stops, click HERE for his full itinerary.


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Brent’s r/Fantasy AMA Today!

Brent’s r/Fantasy AMA Today!


Over at r/Fantasy on Reddit, you can ask Brent anything you like about his books, his writing advice, even if he has some spoilers for The Blood Mirror.

He’ll be answering questions at 1pm Pacific Standard Time, so post your questions now!

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Fan Art Tuesday: SLKestrel

Fan Art Tuesday: SLKestrel

Check out this outstanding green wight!


See more of the artist’s work HERE!

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Halloween Costume Contest 2016

Halloween Costume Contest 2016

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. We will be announcing winners on Wednesday, November 9! Thanks to all who participated!

In honor of the release of The Blood Mirror, we’ll be hosting a new Halloween Costume Contest — featuring you in a costume inspired by the Lightbringer or Night Angel series!

We’ve had some great entries in previous years:


Liv Danavis


Red-Yellow Color Wight


Vi Sovari and Kylar Stern

And this year, we’d like to see yours!


A complete hardcover signed set of The Lightbringer Series (from The Black Prism through the Blood Mirror) — all personalized by Brent, PLUS an exclusive preview of the final book in the Lightbringer Series, with three never-before-seen chapters!


The first three books of The Lightbringer Series in trade paperback, plus a signed hardcopy of The Blood Mirror.


A signed hardcopy of The Blood Mirror.


Four signed bookplates.



1. Entries may be submitted starting today until Monday, November 7th at 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

2. Entry must include a picture of you in a costume inspired by the Night Angel Trilogy or The Lightbringer Series (go HERE to check out the Night Angel character sketches for inspiration), along with a one or two sentence description.

3. International entries are allowed and encouraged!

4. As long as the costume is materially yours, some Photoshop is fine (no presenting characters from movies or video games by putting a gloss of Photoshop on it and saying it’s your costume).

5. Two entries allowed per person, but you can only win once.

6. The subject line of the email should read: 2016 Costume Contest

7. Address the email to elisa @ (no spaces; and as in previous years, Brent will be selecting the winners).

8. The costume must be family-friendly (as usual, we’d like to display the best entries on the website and we can’t do that if it’s not appropriate for younger fans).

9. Other:

Video submissions are allowed, but Brent is judging the costume, not the video. Brent will judge costumes individually if you have two people in a photo, but only one person will receive a prize. You must be 18 or older to win (younger participants are welcome, but by law I can’t give you a prize). No purchase is necessary. Odds of winning are based on the number of entries. We will notify winners via email; you must respond within 7 days, or another winner will be chosen. The grand prize is worth approximately $100. Second place is worth approximately $60. Third place is worth approximately $30. Fourth place is worth about $15.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

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Final Sale: Night Angel Gear!

Final Sale: Night Angel Gear!


Museum Replicas’s license is expiring for Night Angel gear — so they’re holding a closeout sale on their remaining stock —  don’t forget to look at these latest items:

Gwinvere ensemble (discounted):


Durzo shirt:


And of course the Durzo duster (discounted), vambraces, belted sash, and leather armor (discounted):


Finally, the sword and scabbard are on sale!



Go HERE to purchase!

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Fan Art Tuesdays: @arturkel

Fan Art Tuesdays: @arturkel

The ever so talented @arturkel has made this incredible artwork for us to enjoy! Wetboy wrapped in shadows and weilding the huge black sword, Retribution. Either Kylar Stern or Durzo Blint, hard to say since they’re both such imposing figures. Kylar and Durzo are both classified as a Wetboy, an extremely lethal and magically gifted warrior. Both characters are from the Night Angel trilogy by @androssguile. #brentweeks #thenightangeltrilogy #wayofshadows #shadowsedge #beyondtheshadows #fantasynovel #fiction #fantasy #bookworm #bookish #instabook #ilovereading #bookstagram #goodreads #authorsofinstagram #draw #drawing #character #instadraw #instaart #fantasyart #ilovefantasyart #durzoblint #durzo #wetboy #fanart #kylarstern #theshadow #kakari #nightangel

A photo posted by Brent Weeks Fan Page (@kylarguile) on

Click HERE to see more work by @arturkel.

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New Fan Art: @reiyeka

New Fan Art: @reiyeka

Check out her Instagram and Tumblr!

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B&N Bookseller’s Picks: The Blood Mirror!

B&N Bookseller’s Picks: The Blood Mirror!



We are so thrilled that the The Blood Mirror was selected as one of the top picks of October 2016 by the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog! (And we were pretty excited to see Blood Mirror as the first listed book, too.) You can go HERE to read the extremely positive review — and to see what other books Jim Killen suggests for your October reading pleasure.

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Fan Art Tuesdays: Mr. Hook

Fan Art Tuesdays: Mr. Hook

Check out this artist’s impressive conception of Mount Thrall:

See more of his work HERE.

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