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The Way of Shadows Publishes in Brazil!

The Way of Shadows Publishes in Brazil!

Caminho das Sombras (The Way of Shadows) is now available in Brazil! Go HERE to read an excerpt in Portuguese, or HERE to order your copy today! We’ll be posting some Brazilian interviews soon.


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The Black Prism on Sale at B&N and Books a Million!

The Black Prism on Sale at B&N and Books a Million!

Weeks_Black Prism-TP

For a limited time, you can get The Black Prism (in trade paperback) FREE — at Barnes & Noble or Books a Million — when you buy two other books in the same category. Go HERE to check out Barnes & Noble’s sale, and HERE to see Books a Million’s sale.


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Fan Art Tuesday: AceManOnTheScene

Fan Art Tuesday: AceManOnTheScene

Fantastic concept art for a Nine Kings card — of Andross Guile!!



See his other work HERE.

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Announcing Night Angel T-Shirts!

Announcing Night Angel T-Shirts!

UPDATE: ALL t-shirts are now sold out! Thank you everyone for the favorable response! We’ll post another update soon! 

We are so pleased to announce the launch of our own Night Angel T-shirts!

We have a very limited quantity available of two shirts, featuring images from the Night Angel graphic novel. Aren’t these stunning?

White Night Angel Shirt

Black Night Angel Shirt

Go HERE to order.

We are currently shipping US only, though we hope to launch internationally in the future. Shipping will begin March 11. As we gauge interest, we may offer more sizes as well.

Our shipment options are a little funky on the programming side right now, so please be sure to select “First Class Mail” when ordering one t-shirt.

We hope to bring you a newer, shinier, better version of the web store in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, please be patient with us and email “elisa at” if you have any questions. She will get back to you within one business day.

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Fan Art Tuesday: GlynisGreven

Fan Art Tuesday: GlynisGreven

Check out this great poster featuring Vi Sovari:


See more of the artist’s work HERE.

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Fan Art Tuesday: Vynthallas

Fan Art Tuesday: Vynthallas

Fan artist Vynthallas has put together some really fun illustrations of Night Angel characters, including this one of Kylar Stern with the black ka’kari:

Kylar Stern and the Black Kakari

Go HERE to see more Night Angel illustrations!

Update: This fan art is a composition of various other pieces. Vynthallas explicitly credits it on his DeviantArt page: “Body (Witcher), Face (Final Fantasy), some little various parts from Assassin’s Creed, and the Ka’kari I took off the official Homepage from Brent Weeks (Artist: “Ninjaman Todd“)” — We apologize for not including the list here as well. (Thank you to Patrick, in the comments, for the links!)

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Fan Art Tuesdays: Cai Tse (again!)

Fan Art Tuesdays: Cai Tse (again!)

Cai Tse has so much great stuff, we had to post more. Here is another illustration from The Night Angel Trilogy: Disappearing Hope.

See his work HERE.

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Fan Art Tuesdays: Kelzen00

Fan Art Tuesdays: Kelzen00

An amazing drawing of a ferali!


See MORE of Kelzen00’s work.

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Fan Art Tuesdays: Roxas1424

Fan Art Tuesdays: Roxas1424

A great simple sketch of The Night Angel:


More HERE.

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Fan Art Tuesdays:  EvelineaErato

Fan Art Tuesdays: EvelineaErato

Vi Sovari in action:

To see some other illustrations by EvelineaErato, go to her DeviantArt page or Facebook Page.

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