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Fan Art Tuesdays: HanaBiKirei (Round 2)

Fan Art Tuesdays: HanaBiKirei (Round 2)

HanaBiKirei does another great illustration of a Night Angel character. This time she’s drawn Elene:


See her gallery HERE.

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New Fan Art: Tattoo of Elene

New Fan Art: Tattoo of Elene


From reader James M. comes this amazing tattoo of Elene, created by tattooist Jessie Atkins.

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Fan Art Tuesdays: today-I-am

Fan Art Tuesdays: today-I-am

Today-I-Am has an awesome take on a blue drafter:


Check out more of his work HERE.

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Just Published in Germany, Czech Republic, & Hungary

Just Published in Germany, Czech Republic, & Hungary

Brent’s German publisher has just released part 2 of the Broken Eye! Go HERE to purchase the book.
Broken Eye Part 2

The Broken Eye has just been published in the Czech Republic as well. Click HERE to purchase.

And the Blinding Knife has just been published in Hungary! Go HERE to buy the book.

Blinding Knife Hungary

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Fan Art Tuesdays: Szmeterlog

Fan Art Tuesdays: Szmeterlog

Szmeterlog imagines what it would be like to break the halo!


See more HERE.

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Powell’s Sci-Fi Authorfest 9

Powell’s Sci-Fi Authorfest 9


If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, come join me this Sunday, November 22 at 4pm for the 9th Annual Sci-Fi Authorfest at Powell’s Books Cedar Hills Boulevard. I’ll be there signing books along with 20 other authors, including Devon Monk, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith,  Steve Perry, and more!

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New Writing Advice: Should we have happy endings?

New Writing Advice: Should we have happy endings?

Brent explains the universe and all its workings. He completely elucidates all the meanings of works like A Song of Ice & Fire, The Lord of the Rings, Hamlet, and even A Princess Bride. To read this post is to have a changed life.

Go HERE for his [Guru Weeks’s?] latest writing [LIFE!] advice!

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Fan Art Tuesdays: AbnormallyNice

Fan Art Tuesdays: AbnormallyNice

Check out this sweet image of Kylar Stern and the ka’kari!


More of AbnormallyNice’s work HERE.

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Announcing International Orders!

Announcing International Orders!

Now that we’ve had a bit of time to make sure we have our domestic deliveries working properly, we are offering The Black Prism in hardcover (English language, US edition only) for international ordering.

If you want to make sure your book arrives in time for Christmas, please note the below cutoff dates:

November 27 for international delivery / December 10 for U.S. delivery


We can’t guarantee on-time delivery, but we do promise we’ll get them posted in plenty of time on our end. And so lovingly cushioned that we haven’t yet had ANY damaged deliveries on our US orders. I’m also advised that we should tell you your country may have additional taxes or fees on items we ship. I know the postage is pretty extreme for books this heavy, but we’re not padding our numbers. This is the most affordable shipping method available.

One last note:  This is the U.S. edition. We don’t have any copies of the U.K. edition available for sale.
While very similar–all the words inside are the same!–here’s how they differ:

US and UK


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Photobomb Contest Winners!

Photobomb Contest Winners!

3rd Place Cemetery

Jayne L. will be receiving a signed copy of The Broken Eye in trade paperback, or the new slipcover for The Black Prism (depending on which she chooses.)

2nd Place

Watch out Red

Tabitha T. also included this limerick:
As Red brought her granny a book,
She was watched by a wolf in a nook,
What was that he did spy?
It was “The Broken Eye”!
He gave chase and soon stole it…the CROOK!

Red considered the loss with disdain,
“Twas for Granny!”, she loudly proclaimed,
And then with a sigh,
She resolved to not cry,
For at least, she nor granny were maimed.

Wait, that’s not how Red’s story goes,
The young girl must rise o’er her foes,
She arose in the wood,
Ran as fast as she could,
And nabbed her book from under his nose.

She’ll be receiving signed trade paperback copies of The Black Prism, The Blinding Knife, and The Broken Eye — or the new slipcover for The Black Prism!

1st Place


Kordian Z. will be receiving signed hardcopies of The Black Prism (along with the NEW cover as well as the old cover), The Blinding Knife, and The Broken Eye! He’ll also get the first six chapters of The Blood Mirror.

And here are a few more of the entries we received — we wish we could have picked them all! Because the quality of the submissions were so high, and it was so hard to choose, we will be sending signed bookplates to everyone who submitted an entry.

Pheasants BatmanReichstag_052 Audiobook Throne


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