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La Daga de la Ceguera now available!



The Blinding Knife is now available in Spanish (as La Daga de la Ceguera) — if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy, go HERE to buy one today. You can check out the new imprint, Fantascy, that published La Daga de la Ceguera HERE.They have lots of other great fantasy titles as well.

Brent has also given an interview to Spanish-language book blog La Espada en la Tinta. To read about how having a daughter has changed his writing routine, how Night Angel came to have such cinematic pacing, and whether he would ever write in another genre, go HERE.

**UPDATE: Per the comment below (thank you, Loren!) La Espada en la Tinta has graciously posted the original interview in English on their webpage, just after the Spanish-language version!**

Finally, if you don’t speak Spanish and you’d like to read this or other interviews Brent has done in your non-native language, we hope the following will help. Though there are plenty of translation options available online, the relevant links below may help you get started automatically translating foreign webpages — including Brent’s interviews!

If you use Internet Explorer, try THIS.

If you use Firefox, use THIS add-on.

If you use Google Chrome, lucky you! There’s a built-in translation bar. Not working? Go HERE for help.

If you use Safari, go HERE to download an extension.



Lightbringer 3 Writing Update, Title, etc.

I know I promised you a writing update in September, and I hate to break my word, but here’s a quick update early. I have finished writing the first draft of Lightbringer 3 and we now have a title!

Lightbringer 3 will be called The Broken Eye.

The coming months will be full of editing for me. First, large-scale revisions on my own, then it goes to my editor and we begin the many rounds of work there. As I said before, barring any changes and subject to the almighty publishing schedule, publication will most likely be summer 2014.

Last, as some of you have noticed, I’ve not been posting my monthly writing advice column as I’ve been  spending all my time trying to finish Lightbringer 3. This will probably continue for a month or two, but after I’ve been doing edits for a few months, I’m sure I’ll have lots to say, so it will return sometime this summer. (Thanks for your patience on this. I’m just trying to prioritize what’s most important to most of you.)

When I’ve finished all the substantive edits and/or we have a firm release date for The Broken Eye, I will post another  update on that.



The Black Prism: Hungary

Hungarian Black PrismI’m very pleased to announce that The Black Prism has just been published in Hungary! If you’d like to order your copy now, go HERE. (A Hungarian translation of Perfect Shadow is also planned in the not-too-distant future.)


Spanish Blinding Knife Cover… and a new Fantasy Imprint!


The second book in The Lightbringer Series is publishing July 4th in Spanish. Check out the awesome cover below!


La Daga de la Ceguera is also part of a brand-new fantasy imprint from Spanish publisher Random House Mondadori. Featuring established authors like Terry Pratchett and Trudi Canavan, as well as debut authors like Jesus Cañadas and G. Willow Wilson, the Spanish-language Fantascy imprint will launch June 6th with China Miéville’s Embassytown and Paolo Bacigalupi’s short story collection, Pump Six and Other Stories.
Fantascy born, the new seal RHM fantasy literature
Go HERE for more details on the new fantasy  imprint, and HERE to read more about La Daga de la Ceguera! (La Daga de La Ceguera not available for pre-order yet, but we will update this page when it is.)

Lightbringer #3 Update (Early 2013)

“So when’s the next book out, Weeks?”

When I was on my book tour a few months ago, I expressed my hope that the next book in The Lightbringer Series might, might be out in a year. (I was careful not to promise: I’ve learned from others’ mistakes!) So now, of course, with fans having patiently waited for five whole months (!) I’m getting more emails asking, “Hey, when can I further fund your lavish lavish lifestyle, O Master Weeks?”* (*actual quotes may bear no relation to reality)

Neil Gaiman might tell you that you haven’t any right to ask. I gave you a good story, o book buyer, so shut up.** (**Not an accurate paraphrase) But as I made the mistake of publicly disagreeing with an SFF icon, it seems to me I should put up or shut up. So here’s the word in brief: No New Lightbringer Book from Weeks in 2013.

For those of you who want to know a bit of the why, continue reading.

You epic fantasy fans may be familiar with Tolkien’s quote that “the story grew in the telling.” So it’s been with The Lightbringer Series. I’d planned for book 3 to be a bit shorter. (By which I mean 600+ pages, about the length of The Way of Shadows and Shadow’s Edge–not short books.) I’m a fairly consistent daily producer of pages, and if I’d made this book as long as I’d planned it to be, it would indeed have been published late this year. But… it’s longer. It’s longer than The Way of Shadows. It’s longer than Shadow’s Edge. It’s now longer than Beyond the Shadows. It will likely be longer than The Black Prism.

The work? It’s going well. I’m really pleased with the progress of this one. Where I was proud of The Blinding Knife because the story flew–high tension to high tension to surprise, with the world expanding and characters deepening all over the place–in this next book I’ve chosen to deepen the resonance while keeping a breakneck pace and not adding any fluff. (Title still to be determined. I’ve been calling it The Blood Mirror just to call it something, but that works better as a title for book 4, and my editor hasn’t liked any alternative titles I’ve proposed yet. Nor, to be honest, have I.)

It’s been my philosophy to write the best books I can, as fast as I can. To be honest, where I am in my career, I could make the most money by cranking out books faster.

But I’m making a living writing–that is my wildest dream, and you fans have given that to me. I have no interest in “cranking out books” to put as much of your money in my pocket as possible. I believe I owe my fans and myself the best stories I have it in me to tell. In this case, that means some more waiting for all of us. I’ve had long talks with my agent and editor about this, and they are both successful enough and wise enough that they’ve told me to get it right, to have fun with it, and to make it the best book it can be.

The writing is going brilliantly. I haven’t been stuck once. (Well, not for more than a day or so.) Yesterday, I finished a scene I think will stick with you, maybe forever. There are loose ends to be tied. There are hints to add about the series resolution. There’s a finale to write. I’m productive, having fun, and writing as well or better than I’ve ever written in my life.

I understand if that isn’t happening fast enough for you. I simply hope that when I give you the final product, it will more than make up for the wait.

You can expect another longish update on or before September 2013.

Le Couteau Aveuglant


We’re very pleased to announce that The Blinding Knife (or rather, Le Couteau Aveuglant)  will be published in French on March 29, 2013. You can pre-order HERE.

UPDATE: The digital version of Le Couteau Aveuglant will be released on April 5, 2013, just after the print release.

And here’s the cover!

The Blinding Knife (France)

And the blurb in French: Gavin Guile se meurt. Il croyait encore avoir cinq ans de répit avant de succomber au sort de tous les Prismes. En vérité, il lui reste à peine une année… À travers le monde, la magie des couleurs devient incontrôlable et menace de destruction les sept satrapies. Les anciens dieux reviennent à la vie, levant une implacable armée de spirites. L’unique salut pourrait se trouver du côté du frère renégat de Gavin. Celui dont il a volé la liberté il y a seize ans…

Der Spiegel Bestseller

We’re pleased to announce that this week Die blendende Klinge (The Blinding Knife) made Der Spiegel’s Bestseller List for trade paperback fiction, at number 14. Take a look below. (And again, a big thanks to German readers!)

Der Spiegel Bestseller List