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The 10th Anniversary Night Angel Hardcover Omnibus


DPC: Hey, Jefe?

JEFE: (typing intently, not looking away from computer screen) Yeah.

DPC: The omnibus.

JEFE: What about it?

DPC: (beat) It comes out tomorrow.

JEFE: (blinks at DPC, because this is terribly obvious) I know that, CAPS.

DPC: Ten years!

JEFE: Yep.

DPC: (imitating Jeremy Piven in Grosse Pointe Blank) TEN YEARS! TEN!

JEFE: Uh-huh.

(DPC slumps at her desk, scrolls through BRENT WEEKS website)

DPC: We’ve been talking about it a LOT. Like, A LOT A LOT. For months.

JEFE: Your profundity knows no bounds, CAPSLOCK.

DPC: So, um, I just realized something.

(JEFE stops typing and sighs.)

DPC: Like two weeks ago I scheduled a post to go live, thinking we would say, you know, OMG THE NAT OMNI IS HERE Y’ALL IT’S RAINING CONFETTI IN THE STREETS AAAHHHH (CAPSLOCK shakes her head and waggles her arms in a pitiful imitation of Kermit the Frog).

JEFE: I mean, that’s one way to go.

DPC: And then we opened the webstore.

JEFE: I remember… Listen, are you going somewhere with this? Because I have characters to kill off, here.  (gestures to his computer screen)

DPC: I got really busy, Jefe.

(JEFE raises an eyebrow and stares at CAPSLOCK for a moment.)

DPC: Soooooo busy.

JEFE: There’s no post, is there?

DPC: There’s a post! There’s TOTALLY a post! (beat) There’s just… no words in the post.

JEFE: Just write the post, CAPS. (JEFE mutters something about why he pays for an assistant)



We’ve waited TEN YEARS (and two months) for this beauty to be unleashed upon the world, and it’s here! Check your mailboxes today for that pre-ordered copy printed and bound just for you!

Wait, what?

You didn’t pre-order a copy?

Shame on you.

Go buy one now!

The Signed Page




Powell’s Books

Barnes & Noble


Quick Update: Night Angel Omnibus

Hi everyone,

In case you didn’t catch the news on Facebook or Twitter, there’s a new on-sale date for the 10th Anniversary Night Angel Omnibus. It is moving from September 18 to November 13. Details on my publisher Orbit’s website (link here).

This means you will have more time to enter the BattleWorn Books competition. So get out there and read the heck out of those books!

Thanks, and we will be back tomorrow for Fan Art Tuesday!

Signed Copies of the Night Angel Omnibus Are Nearly SOLD OUT!

In case you were so excited you skipped reading the title of this post: signed copies of the 10th Anniversary Night Angel Hardcover Omnibus are about 75% sold out! You only have a few more days (if that long) to grab yours while they’re still available. So if you’re holding out, start digging between your couch cushions and under your car seats. Check all of your pockets and handbags. Find that $30 and order your copy from Barnes and Noble!

Brent Weeks, Barnes & Noble, Night Angel, pre-orders
Yesterday’s B&N Top 100 list. *chant with me!* Who’s #1? Brent’s #1!

Lightbringer 3 Writing Update, Title, etc.

I know I promised you a writing update in September, and I hate to break my word, but here’s a quick update early. I have finished writing the first draft of Lightbringer 3 and we now have a title!

Lightbringer 3 will be called The Broken Eye.

The coming months will be full of editing for me. First, large-scale revisions on my own, then it goes to my editor and we begin the many rounds of work there. As I said before, barring any changes and subject to the almighty publishing schedule, publication will most likely be summer 2014.

Last, as some of you have noticed, I’ve not been posting my monthly writing advice column as I’ve been  spending all my time trying to finish Lightbringer 3. This will probably continue for a month or two, but after I’ve been doing edits for a few months, I’m sure I’ll have lots to say, so it will return sometime this summer. (Thanks for your patience on this. I’m just trying to prioritize what’s most important to most of you.)

When I’ve finished all the substantive edits and/or we have a firm release date for The Broken Eye, I will post another  update on that.



Brent’s New Children’s Book!

UPDATE: As most of you have already guessed, this post was an April Fools’ Day announcement. We’ve just posted the alternate masthead (above) and here’s another book cover (below left) that we thought about using. Big thanks to Lauren Panepinto for her genius cover designs for the prank!



I’m delighted to finally be able to announce why my forthcoming Lightbringer novels have been delayed, perhaps indefinitely. I’ve been working on a delightful new series for children, called Ninja Kitty. I’ve already signed on with Rover, a new imprint of Orbit, for six books. While I understand that some fans will be disappointed to hear that it will be 6-7 years until the next Lightbringer book comes out, I’ve always felt that it’s important for an artist to be brave enough to go in new directions, even if he is, unfortunately, in the middle of another series. I believe that the Ninja Kitty series will also be a great way to introduce young children to my work, so that by the time they’re 10 or 11, they’ll be ready to be introduced to the themes of cannibalism, prostitution, and murder that are so central to the Night Angel books. In addition, kitties give me a great way to tie my work to existing memes. Think of any kitten pic you’ve ever seen on the internet. Now think, NINJA KITTY printed over that. Great, huh? That’s actually how my agent pitched it. Being an artist is great, but at the end of the day I’m here to make money. Lots of it. And I’m not supposed to say this, but there have been some really exciting preliminary talks with a certain director who brought the much-beloved movie about bending air *cough cough* to the big screen.

I’ve answered some questions about the book below:

Why did you decide to write a children’s book?

Well, six books, and that’s just to start. 1) Children’s books are easy. 2) Have you seen the crap parents will buy for their kids? Why not get in on that? 3) Market synergies. I’m not going to leave a dollar on the table.

What’s it been like to write in an entirely new genre?

Easy, and my assistant fixes all the minor details, like when I forget the kitties names and or the plot. I find I can write one of these in a couple days, max.

When will the book be published? 

As soon as we can get all the media tie-ins organized.

Oh, and I suppose that I should post the official press release from Orbit:

“Orbit is pleased to announce their new children’s imprint, Rover. The launch title, by New York Times Bestselling Author Brent Weeks, will be One Kitten, Two Kitten… Ninja Kitten! and leverage synergies with Orbit’s many corporate partners to create a multilateral bifurcated print/digital/collectible platform. Senior Editor Devi Pillai says, ‘Rover seemed like a natural next step fr us. As a part of a corporate mega-conglomerate, Orbit feels a duty to monetize as much of its customers’ lives as possible. We realized we’d been shamefully neglecting early childhood thus far. Plus, kitties.'”