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Archive for the ‘Interviews’ Category

Atika Zamimi Interviews Brent

Atika Zamimi has just posted an interview with Brent. Go HERE to read about whether he’d ever bring Elene back to life, which color he would choose to draft (if he could), whether he ever gets writer’s block — and more!

Danish Interview at Windblown Pages

Windblown Pages


For his Danish readers, Brent gave an interview in 2013 to Danish blogger Anne Nikoline. She’s opened a new blog and has re-posted the interview over on Windblown Pages. Go HERE to read about Brent’s thoughts on his weaknesses as a writer, his favorite Night Angel character, and which media form (other than his own book!) he’d most like to experience the Night Angel Series.

New Interview at

Making ComicsCHECK OUT Brent’s discussion with interviewer Kevin Cullen of Making Comics. Kevin got Brent to share details on worldbuilding,the challenges (and awesomeness) of translating a novel to a comic,  and how the adaptation team scripted The Way of Shadows graphic novel.


Authors Give Advice to Younger Selves

suvudu-logoOver at Suvudu, Shawn Speakman has gathered advice from numerous authors — advice that they’d give to their younger selves, if they could. Brent shared a few thoughts, and contributors include Kevin Hearne, Robin Hobb, Kelley Armstrong and others! Go HERE to check it out.

Additionally, Shawn has signed copies of The Broken Eye 40% off the original asking price! (It’s now just $20 for an author-signed copy, rather than $33.) Go HERE to get yours!

Comic Book Therapy Interview


Over at Comic Book Therapy, Brent has a new interview up about the creative process for The Way of Shadows graphic novel. Go HERE to check it out.

P.S. The People Have Spoken! The Green Wight and Blackguards photo has won the fan choice, and will also be getting the wonderful prize behind door three. (Also, new poll!)

SF Signal Interview


Brent sat down with Patrick Hester of SF Signal to discuss what Brent’s working on now, the Dread Pirate Roberts, that very cruel prank he played on his fans last tour — and how he managed to top it.

To hear their discussion, go HERE.

New Interview at Suvudu


Go HERE to see what Brent has to say about the new graphic novel adaptation of The Way of Shadows, if there will be an adaptation of Shadow’s Edge, and whether he plans to return to the world of Kylar Stern.

Twitter Interview

Brent is participating in a twitter interview with Bryan Thomas Schmidt today, Wednesday August 20th, at 9pm ET/6pm PST. You can follow the conversation with the  #sffwrtcht hashtag, or by following @sffwrtcht.