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Space City Con 2014

You have a decision to make:


Brent Weeks Author photo medium












So, given that I’m scheduled against the Game of Thrones panel, and I know some of you will accidentally wander into that one, I’ve decided to ADD AN EVENT.

Limited to the first ten people who email me (brent at brent weeks dot com), I’m doing a kaffeeklatsch. What’s a kaffeeklatsch? The eleven of us meet at a restaurant or coffee house, and chat for an hour or two. We can talk publishing, or my books, or how hot Jason Momoa is. No, not that last one. Informal, and a chance to hang out a bit. (Time and day to be determined, I’ll let you know via email.)


Space City Con is happening this Friday through Sunday, January 3-6, in Galveston, Texas. Other authors include Cherie Priest and Larry Correia. So if you’re in Houston, Galveston, or somewhere within driving distance, come check it out!

Go HERE to buy your tickets and HERE to see a complete schedule.

My reading and Q&A will be on Saturday, January 4 in the Garden Cay room from 2:30pm to 3:45pm.

Sam Sykes Intros Brent Weeks

Bubonicon 45

A few months ago, the kind folks at Bubonicon asked me if there was anyone else attending that would write a brief introduction about me for the Con’s program book. At the time, I only knew two other authors who were attending: Sam Sykes and George R.R. Martin. One of these two is a good friend.  So naturally I asked George.

He said no.*

That left me with Sam. Behold the horror:

Title of Brent Weeks intro

by Sam Sykes

Who is Brent Weeks?

The question cannot be answered by measure of time, but by measure of humanity. For to ask “who is Brent Weeks,” we must first ask, “Who are we to know Brent Weeks?”

Is he the author of bestselling books such as The Night Angel trilogy and The Lightbringer series? Of course. Are his books produced in countless countries and languages? Absolutely. Has he been nominated for many awards and earned the devotion of millions of readers who speak his name in whispers, as a dying man mutters to his children? This is known.

But it is what is unknown about Brent Weeks that makes him who he is.

Born in the rugged mountains of Montana, Brent Weeks bent the bars on his first crib and wandered out into the snow. There, he was adopted by a clan of grizzly bears. He grew large by suckling at the teats of a two-ton Kodiak and feasting on the chewed-up carcasses of deer she emptied into his craw. When he came of age, he challenged his bear father, Ursoc the Moon-Eye, to a duel and ate his liver, thus earning the right to be called a man.

Much of Brent’s skill as an author comes from stalking and devouring smaller, weaker writers. He is much-lauded for his prowess at the hunt, having accumulated a throne of the bleached bones of those who have challenged. Great magazines such as American Emu, Much Mucho Mali! and Ta-Da: The Magazine By and For Aspiring Magicians have been forgotten after Brent Weeks feasts upon their writers.

But a man is much more than his birth, and the legend of Brent Weeks does not end in bestseller lists and awards. It ends in fire. It ends in darkness. It ends in disaster.

Brent Weeks was the first man to land on the moon, and later, the first man to fake the moon landing so that humanity might have hope.

Brent Weeks was the founder of the East India Company and for a time was known as the “Naked Tiger” in the Raj’s court. Upon heavy reflections of his sins, Brent later disbanded the Company and penned, in penance, an account of exactly how many elephants he fired out of cannons at protestors.

Brent Weeks discovered the cure for Black Plague and, wishing something to use it on, invented the Black Plague and unleashed it upon Europe, killing millions.

The Inuit tribes of Northern Alaska have twenty-six different words for “Brent Weeks.” Twelve of them are curses. Five are noises a woman in labor or a grandmother slipping on an ice patch makes. Exactly two are words one utters to an elder to show respect, but in a grudging sort of way, like when they break wind at the dinner table and oh god it smells like onions but you can’t say boo because he’s your grandpa so you just sort of hum and say “Brent Weeks.”

To know Brent Weeks is to know more than simply excellent books and a brilliant imagination. To know Brent Weeks is to know (dramatic pause) ourselves.

*Yes, I made this up.

SFWA Readings

**UPDATE: Due to Brent’s writing schedule (he’s very close to finishing the next The Broken Eye edits and is due to turn it in the next week or so), he’s had to cancel his appearance at these two events. Author Kay Kenyon has taken his place, and Greg Bear and Terry Brooks will still be there!**



We are so excited to announce that Brent will be participating in two special SFWA readings this October with two very influential authors: the first event will be with Greg Bear and the second with Terry Brooks. Fantasy author Peter Orullian, author of the epic fantasy The Unremembered, is hosting both events, so you’ll be getting a triple dose of SF/F author awesomeness each evening!

Pub Logos

Brent’s first reading (with Greg Bear) will be on Tuesday, October 15th at the Wilde Rover Irish Pub & Restaurant in Seattle at 7pm. Go HERE to register.

The second reading (with Terry Brooks) will be on Wednesday, October 16th at the McMenamin’s Kennedy School in Portland at 7pm. Go HERE to register.

More details HERE.

Bubonicon 2013

Bubonicon 45 logo
Just a reminder — Brent will be a co-Guest of Honor at Bubonicon 45 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The event runs from August 23-25. Go HERE for more details!

Bubonicon 2013


Who has two thumbs and is the co-Guest of Honor at Bubonicon 45?

THIS Guy! Brent with thumbs up

So, if you missed the Epic Tour of Awesomeness in 2012, and can’t wait until his next book tour, buy your Con tickets, book your hotel and prepare your books for epic-author-signage to Albuquerque, New Mexico on this August 23-25.

Bubonicon 45

He’ll be participating in a number of panels and giving a special Guest of Honor presentation along with Tim Powers (the other Guest of Honor), Diana Rowland will be Toastmistress, and Alan F. Beck is 2013’s Guest Artist. Other attendees include George R.R. Martin, Samwise Sykes, Mario Acevedo, Carol Berg, Adam Jarmon Brown, Craig A. Butler, Peri Charlifu, Steven Gould, Darynda Jones, Jane Lindskold, M.J. Locke, Victor Milan, Pati Nagle, Scott Phillips, Joan Saberhagen, Debbie Lynn Smith, Melinda Snodgrass, Gabi Stevens, S.M. Stirling, David Lee Summers, Ian Tregillis, Robert E. Vardeman, Carrie Vaughn, Walter Jon Williams, Connie Willis and Courtney Willis.

Brent’s New Children’s Book!

UPDATE: As most of you have already guessed, this post was an April Fools’ Day announcement. We’ve just posted the alternate masthead (above) and here’s another book cover (below left) that we thought about using. Big thanks to Lauren Panepinto for her genius cover designs for the prank!



I’m delighted to finally be able to announce why my forthcoming Lightbringer novels have been delayed, perhaps indefinitely. I’ve been working on a delightful new series for children, called Ninja Kitty. I’ve already signed on with Rover, a new imprint of Orbit, for six books. While I understand that some fans will be disappointed to hear that it will be 6-7 years until the next Lightbringer book comes out, I’ve always felt that it’s important for an artist to be brave enough to go in new directions, even if he is, unfortunately, in the middle of another series. I believe that the Ninja Kitty series will also be a great way to introduce young children to my work, so that by the time they’re 10 or 11, they’ll be ready to be introduced to the themes of cannibalism, prostitution, and murder that are so central to the Night Angel books. In addition, kitties give me a great way to tie my work to existing memes. Think of any kitten pic you’ve ever seen on the internet. Now think, NINJA KITTY printed over that. Great, huh? That’s actually how my agent pitched it. Being an artist is great, but at the end of the day I’m here to make money. Lots of it. And I’m not supposed to say this, but there have been some really exciting preliminary talks with a certain director who brought the much-beloved movie about bending air *cough cough* to the big screen.

I’ve answered some questions about the book below:

Why did you decide to write a children’s book?

Well, six books, and that’s just to start. 1) Children’s books are easy. 2) Have you seen the crap parents will buy for their kids? Why not get in on that? 3) Market synergies. I’m not going to leave a dollar on the table.

What’s it been like to write in an entirely new genre?

Easy, and my assistant fixes all the minor details, like when I forget the kitties names and or the plot. I find I can write one of these in a couple days, max.

When will the book be published? 

As soon as we can get all the media tie-ins organized.

Oh, and I suppose that I should post the official press release from Orbit:

“Orbit is pleased to announce their new children’s imprint, Rover. The launch title, by New York Times Bestselling Author Brent Weeks, will be One Kitten, Two Kitten… Ninja Kitten! and leverage synergies with Orbit’s many corporate partners to create a multilateral bifurcated print/digital/collectible platform. Senior Editor Devi Pillai says, ‘Rover seemed like a natural next step fr us. As a part of a corporate mega-conglomerate, Orbit feels a duty to monetize as much of its customers’ lives as possible. We realized we’d been shamefully neglecting early childhood thus far. Plus, kitties.'”

Looking for Subjects for e-Reader Experiment

*UPDATE 3: We now have enough entries and are closing the comments! Thanks so much for your help. You’ll be getting an email in the next day or so if you’re selected.*

*UPDATE 2: We now have enough Kindle and Nook entries. Does anyone have a Sony e-Reader PRST2 or PRST2HBC? Also still looking for Kobo entries.*

*UPDATE: I now have enough Kindle entries! I still need Sony e-Readers, Nooks, Kobos etc.*

Hey everyone, I’m trying to figure out a way to digitally sign books for people who prefer e-reading. My trouble is that I don’t have every brand of e-reader, and I’m not sure that the directions I’ve found on the internet are accurate, for example, for all generations of Sony e-Reader. Would some of you who own various e-readers be willing to help me out? If so, please leave your e-reader name and generation in the comments section below. (I also need your email address, but I should already have that from you signing in to leave a comment.) Your commitment then will simply be to follow the instructions I send you for how to import that signature into your e-reader–and then tell me if it worked. (Which should take a total of about 5 minutes. Longer if you have to tell me it didn’t work, of course!)

What do you get out of helping me? The warm, fuzzy feeling of having helped me, natch! Oh, and a signed copy of your favorite author’s e-books. (That’s right, I’ve got Joe Abercrombie right here. In my cellar. It’s dark and cold down there. Don’t think I’ve fed him for the last fortnight or two. He’ll be eager to cooperate. Muhaha.)

(I really only need one or two of each kind of e-reader, so I’ll close the comments once I have enough.) Thanks!

Re-post: Shindig Event TONIGHT

UPDATE: Thanks for a great event! It was a real joy to see you guys, and I hope we get a chance to see non-pixelated versions of each other soon! And thank you to Shindig for putting this together, despite  the early hour and a hurricane!

– Brent



Don’t forget that Brent is coming to a computer screen near you TONIGHT! You can re-read the original post HERE for more details, but here’s the nitty-gritty:

Wednesday, November 7th: The Australia (Virtual) Book Tour Stop (hosted Shindig Events), 7pm Sydney, Australia time, 12am Pacific Standard Time.

Brent will be presenting a reading and then answering questions from participants. The event will last 1 hour.

What time is that for you? Check HERE. (Also has a button to add it to your Microsoft Exchange-Compatible Calendar.) Or add the event to your Google Calendar by clicking below:

P.S. Because Shindig and their servers are located in New York City, we may have extra technical difficulties because of the hurricane problems there. They tell me if your page freezes at any time to just “refresh” and things should be fine. If we run into more significant difficulties, Brent will reschedule for the future.

NW SciFi Authorfest 6


Brent will be participating in the sixth annual SciFi Authorfest this November 4th, from 4:30pm-6:00pm at Powell’s Books Cedar Hills Crossing in Beaverton, Oregon. Other participating authors include Peter Orullian, M.K. Hobson and Todd McCaffrey.

Get your books signed by Brent and chat with him and other awesome SciFi authors!

More details HERE.

(Also, new poll!)

This photo re-posted (again) over Brent’s objections.