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Fan Art Tuesday: Adrasteia pen-and-ink

Fan Art Tuesday: Adrasteia pen-and-ink

Another great pen-and-ink by @reiyeka, this time featuring Teia!

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  1. Either everyone always white washes these characters or I seriously misread their descriptions.

    • Hey Megan,

      I don’t think you misread the character descriptions, but I think you’re being slightly unfair to this artist. This series was one she did in pen-and-ink. Color is hard to do with just the outlines! If you check out her other work on Instagram, you’ll see that she’s constantly improving her depictions of characters, including Teia — her most recently posted illustration is of Teia, who is quite clearly not “white washed”:

      I’d encourage you to check out her other work as well; her Gavin and Kip illustrations are great examples of her work too!

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