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The Signed Page: Signed, Personalized Copies of The Blood Mirror

The Signed Page: Signed, Personalized Copies of The Blood Mirror

Signed Page

Want a signed copy of The Blood Mirror, but you don’t live in the USA? Or do you want the book not just signed but also personalized? Are you an avid collector who absolutely must know your signed copy will arrive in mint condition?

Shawn Speakman, proprietor of The Signed Page, will once again be offering signed copies of Brent’s latest book as soon after publication as possible.

If you’d like to order one now, go HERE.

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  1. Hi Brent,

    I had a question about signed copies. I was getting ready to pre-order your book and, as you are my favorite author, I of course want it signed 🙂 I noticed that barnes and nobel also had a signed edition. This confused me so I thought I would ask what the difference was between The Signed Page and B&N signed copies. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Evan,
      Thanks for your question! Barnes & Noble’s signed edition is pre-signed by Brent: it includes his signature on a front page of the book. The Signed Page version is signed by Brent as well — but can actually be personalized to you, and we can basically guarantee it will be in pristine condition because the owner of The Signed Page takes extreme care with packaging. It arrives within a few days of the book release date, and though the book itself costs a bit more than B&N due to cover his costs, for shipping, he only charges what it costs him.
      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi I preordered the book for my husband for his birthday and I know I got it personalized but will it also be signed as well? Also, when will the books be shipped out? Thank you!

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