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Barnes & Noble: Pre-order The Blood Mirror (Signed!)

Barnes & Noble: Pre-order The Blood Mirror (Signed!)


UPDATE: Many, many thanks to all those who pre-ordered! Barnes & Noble is now sold out of the signed edition. 

Want to get a signed copy of The Blood Mirror as soon as possible? Barnes & Noble and I have you covered. Due to an awesome promotion, you can get a signed copy of The Blood Mirror for no additional cost, and it will be delivered to you on the day of publication, October 25th. CORRECTION: B&N will be shipping the pre-ordered signed copies early so that they should arrive on publication day. Some will likely be a little early or a little late. My apologies if you fall on the unlucky side; I posted what I was told.

Pre-order HERE.

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  1. Thanks for the possibility to get a signed copy! I love your work, and look forward to reading the next installment.

  2. if you sent me this then I would have to make sure I met you to sign my others when you come to the UK

  3. I am your absolute biggest fan I love all of your books I already have it preordered at B&N this promotion is so awesome

  4. I’ve been waiting for this book ever since I finished The Broken Eye about 3 days after it came out. I’m super excited to soon be reading the book!

  5. The signed copy is also hardcover right?

  6. When do you go on your book tour?

  7. Love your books. I have been counting down till this one is released. I ordered my signed copy today!

  8. Will you be at Powell’s in Cedar Hills on launch day again? I hope so, I was hoping to get my copy signed then in person. Best (only slightly early) birthday present I could possibly get!

  9. Done!

    Just finished reading Night Angel for the 3rd time, now to start at the beginning of this series again so I’m all caught up by the time this shows up on my doorstep!

  10. I really want a signed copy. I am in Australia though and Barnes an Noble won’t accept my phone number ….

  11. More than anything, I’m just glad its been changed to “Every truth bears a legend…” I was wondering how the whole cycle of “Every light casts a shadow”, “Every Shadow hides a secret”, “Every secret holds a truth” was going to be continued when the 4th book had “Every truth shines a light”.
    I’m ready to acknowledge the existence of a fifth book now.

  12. Does anybody know if they deliver to other countries? Greetings from Spain

  13. Need it sooner!!! Hahaha Im dying..

  14. I went to preorder this, but couldn’t find a way to get delivery on the day of publication. Is that because I missed a promotion or something?

  15. when The Blood Mirror will be published in Bulgaria? We are waiting with great impatience…

  16. Hey, I ordered a Signed copy a while back when it hit this site, but I just got an email today saying the order was cancelled while in processing due to a lack of stock. Is anyone else getting this issue, and is this common? Is there any way I can have a pre-ordered book instead of a signed one or is stock all out? I’m a bit distraught about the whole ordeal and not sure what/who to approach about it since it’s through the Barnes and Noble website that I’ve gotten the emails in the first place.

    • Hi Stand, I have already (one hour after you posted) sent this all the way up the chain. We had a half dozen or so people last time lose out on signed books they’d ordered. B&N promised me that wouldn’t happen again. I am… deeply, deeply unhappy that your pre-order has been canceled. I will get answers ASAP, and will be emailing you directly to follow up. I’m hoping this is a unique problem to you this time.

      • Hi Stand, I’ve heard back from my editor who talked with the top people at B&N. Turns out you got the wrong error message–there was a problem, but it had nothing to do with pre-orders being canceled. Weird, I know. I’ll contact directly at your email to let you know more, but for other fans, don’t worry. It appears this is indeed a unique case.

  17. How soon after publication of the book is the audiobook available?

  18. I am super excited!!! I have been loving this series since I found the old paperback of The Black Prism just after I finished Night Angel. I have read these first three books numerous times (how did I find the time with a little daughter?!) I am super stoked about getting a signed copy finally! I missed out on the last one. One day, one day I will have a Karris cosplay because I love her so much.

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