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Pre-Order The Broken Eye: Audible

Pre-Order The Broken Eye: Audible

You can now pre-order the audiobook of The Broken Eye in the U.S. through! As with The Blinding Knife, the multi-everything award-winning Simon Vance is narrating. (How good is he? Neil Gaiman calls him “the gold standard of narrators”.)

Go HERE to place your order.

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  1. I pre-ordered today! I’m so excited for this book! WOOOHHOOOOO!

  2. Hey,
    when will the book/audiobook released in other languages? (i. e. german?) I got the first two lightbringer audiobooks in german. I am a bit afraid that I don’t recognise every name at first try ’cause of an other pronouciation. This may could spoil a bit of the fun.
    When it won’t take tooo long, maybe i could wait a little more.

  3. Super annoyed that my order hasn’t arrived yet… I could’ve picked it up at a store and be totally lost in the seven Satraps now. for the next one can we mail them out so they arrive on the release date!? Tracking UPS and wishing they used Danzen/Gavin’s skimmer to deliver… Sigh!

  4. Whoops… Meant *Dazen

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