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Geekvengers Interview!

Geekvengers Interview!

Geekvengers spoke with Brent about his forthcoming novel (The Broken Eye), discussed some of his plans for the next Midcyru series, and heard why writing prequels (like Perfect Shadow) can be so challenging.

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  1. Personally I get all excited whenever there’s any talk of The Broken Eye, so sorry Brent but yep – already excited 😀

    A nice interview though, I love a good bit of humour even though it didn’t feel that well received at the time :/ ?

  2. This interview may have just made me geek out. I pre-ordered The Broken Eye back in December; and am currently re-reading The Lightbringer Series in anticipation, but thanks to this interview now all I can think about is The Night Angel Trilogy! I’m pretty sure I cant read both simultaneously. Bahhh my worlds are combining!!!

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