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Watch the Geek Bomb Book Chat!

Watch the Geek Bomb Book Chat!


Brent had a great time talking with the Geek Bomb Book Club (hosted by Maude Garrett) and answering questions from some fans.

See the full interview below, or watch HERE:

Thanks Geek Bomb!

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  1. There was a part in this that was just a jaw dropping moment for me but then that moment was shattered 🙁 Brent was answering to the adaptation question and when he mentions that J.J was approached i wanted it to happen so bad. Brent is my favourite writer no question but J.J is a writer and director i also have a fondness for epecially as an aspiring screen writer, so that collabaration just worked for me. Damn J.J and his decision 🙁

  2. *leGasp!* Your voice is exactly like I imagined it to be…

  3. This interview was amazing, I really hope you do more interviews soon! As well, not doing the movies now, I think is a great idea. With more books on the way to flesh out the universe of Midcyu, I am really excited for the future!

  4. Loved the interview, Brent! Your writing process is very inspiring 😀

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