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The Broken Eye: Now Available for Pre-Order!

The Broken Eye: Now Available for Pre-Order!

The Broken Eye HC

Available for pre-order from:


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  1. Done.

    Wow, it’s scary how little time I put in spending that money. o0

  2. So much green in that cover… :)

    Can’t wait! At the rate I’m currently reading A Dance with Dragons, I should be finished just in time to read this when it comes out in August. :p

  3. 9 months!!! Hopefully it will go by fast. The Crimson Campaign and Game of thrones should make things go by smoothly though

  4. It felt like yesterday when I first read The Black Prism. I can barely wait 9 months!

  5. Yay. you’ve been killing us with the wait.

  6. Another hooded character book cover…

  7. Hope it gets published soon in Spanish! Can’t wait for it

  8. I am hoping that audible will also be getting the title about the same time.

  9. So looking forward to this. Pre-ordered as soon as the listing appeared on the UK Amazon site.

  10. Finally Broken Eye available from B&N pre-order — Done and Done

  11. Any word on a tour at the time of release? I might forgo a pre-order in the interest of buying it at whatever bookstore you come to. (hint: you must come back to North Carolina!)

  12. You guys can read this part for almost 4 months and as far as I see Polish fans (including me :P) are still waiting for a translation. May somebody say more less when we can expect it?
    BTW. ‘Blinding knife’ = probably the best book I’ve ever read. Such an expanded world *.* I hope I will be writing at least at half as good books as this… *.*

    • @Katarzyn: Don’t wait, read in English! 90% of the time the original is better than the translation :) With the time you have left before the release you can read books 1 and 2 and get used to the vocabulary.

      Btw, this book made me scared of Amazon’s 1-click ordering. I found it while browsing Amazon and managed to buy it before I even registered what it is.

      Can’t wait!

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