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In a shameless loving act of theft homage, I’ve stolen started a fun new project for the website: a Reader Map. (Sorry, Brian McClellan! How about, to make up for it, I tell everyone that your book is really great?) Hey everyone, Brian’s book is really great!*

If you’d like to make sure your town/city/county/state/country is represented, fill out the form and we’ll add you to the map! Go HERE to take a look. (Update: these are being manually entered by my assistant, so it may take  up to 24 hours for your town/name/pseudonym to appear.)

Also, new poll! –>

*I even blurbed it. And Promise of Blood is now a finalist for Debut of the Year over at Goodreads — today’s the last day to vote.

18 Responses to “Join the Reader Map!”

  1. Pen

    Sydney, NSW, Australia

  2. Philip Foster

    Utusnomiya, Japan (although the map doesn’t seem to want to add my location)

  3. Angel

    Pamplona, (Navarra) Spain.

  4. Lady Megana Salamanderson the F*CKING GREAT

    What the heck? I added myself to the map a few weeks ago, but all it gives is my city name. I put in Lady Megana Salamanderson the Great as my name, and your map denied me the privilege of being called by such a title? WHAT THE HECK MAN??? I demand that justice be served!


      Hey Lady Megana Salamanderson the Great,
      Your name is on there! For some reason, when you click your location, it is only showing Aurora, CO. When I click it again, it shows your name (along with a few other people who are from the same city). Not sure why it’s doing this, but I did enter your name last week… and I remember because your name is quite memorable! 🙂

      • Lady Megana Salamanderson the F*CKING GREAT

        Oh okay, thanks! I can be extremely proud when using my online persona, lol.

  5. Bellamy

    La Rinconada, Sevilla, Andalucía, España.

  6. Ren

    Metro, Lampung, Indonesia.
    hello.. any Indonesian already there on the map?

  7. Asier

    Pamplona, Navarra, Spain.

  8. Eugenio

    So, if it may be easier for you, I can put here my coordinates directly (36.49275,-4.696691).
    If it isn’t, here is the adress: La Cala de Mijas / Málaga / Spain.

  9. Hannavas

    So i was looking at this and then i felt sad because all those poor penguins in Antarctica are missing out. xD

  10. Moshimoshi

    Lima city, Peru

  11. vacu

    Barcelona, Spain!!! 😀

  12. LdeLex

    Barcelona, Spain 🙂

  13. Elan Morin Tedronai



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