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The Broken Eye: Cover Reveal

The Broken Eye: Cover Reveal

The Broken Eye HC

(click to embiggen)

Huge thanks to the cover creators: Design by Lauren Panepinto, Illustration by Silas Manhood, Photography (figure) by Shirley Green.

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  1. It might have a hooded figure, but the color palette and arrangement of the cover make it work. Shiny, Brent!

  2. The image in the cover is stunning. However, the eye catches “every secret holds a truth” first. that pretty much takes the image away. Not much potential for an impulse buy.

  3. Oops forgot broken eye than blood mirror

  4. Embiggen, haha. Delightful.

  5. The cover is amazing. I can’t wait.

  6. So excited!!! This embiggens my spirits!

  7. Gah! Big girly squeaaaal!

  8. So… we have “Every Light casts a shadow”, “Every shadow hides a secret”. and “Every secret holds a truth”. Over-analyzing in 3…..2…..1…..

  9. Ahhhh I want this on my bookshelf ASAP >___<

  10. I’m going to need to clear some shelf space for this…

  11. Looks great, Brent. I’m doing a reread of the first two books and the night angel trilogy. I’m very excited to see this.

  12. The cover looks great, but as with the last book I think the text on the cover adds nothing to it and actually, if I hadn’t already read the previous book and known how good it was, the writing on the book would put me off it… It is not reflective I feel of the books at all

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