Barnes & Noble : Best SFF of 2012


Brent’s made yet another “Best of 2012” list! This one’s over at the Barnes & Noble SFF blog, Explorations, run by Paul Goat Allen. The Blinding Knife came in second place, and Allen noted, “…honestly I could’ve chosen any number of the titles listed below as my #1 pick and been okay with it. The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks was even better than The Black Prism (and that’s saying something!)….”

Check out the entire list HERE.

2 Responses to “Barnes & Noble : Best SFF of 2012”

  1. Adam Lane

    Wow another? well done Brent you’ve done some great work and the recognition is well deserved, keep writing at this standard and you’ll be “dancing on joes head” a lot more often =P

  2. Some guy

    This book deserves more of these. The writing is just, perfect.


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