Looking for Subjects for e-Reader Experiment

*UPDATE 3: We now have enough entries and are closing the comments! Thanks so much for your help. You’ll be getting an email in the next day or so if you’re selected.*

*UPDATE 2: We now have enough Kindle and Nook entries. Does anyone have a Sony e-Reader PRST2 or PRST2HBC? Also still looking for Kobo entries.*

*UPDATE: I now have enough Kindle entries! I still need Sony e-Readers, Nooks, Kobos etc.*

Hey everyone, I’m trying to figure out a way to digitally sign books for people who prefer e-reading. My trouble is that I don’t have every brand of e-reader, and I’m not sure that the directions I’ve found on the internet are accurate, for example, for all generations of Sony e-Reader. Would some of you who own various e-readers be willing to help me out? If so, please leave your e-reader name and generation in the comments section below. (I also need your email address, but I should already have that from you signing in to leave a comment.) Your commitment then will simply be to follow the instructions I send you for how to import that signature into your e-reader–and then tell me if it worked. (Which should take a total of about 5 minutes. Longer if you have to tell me it didn’t work, of course!)

What do you get out of helping me? The warm, fuzzy feeling of having helped me, natch! Oh, and a signed copy of your favorite author’s e-books. (That’s right, I’ve got Joe Abercrombie right here. In my cellar. It’s dark and cold down there. Don’t think I’ve fed him for the last fortnight or two. He’ll be eager to cooperate. Muhaha.)

(I really only need one or two of each kind of e-reader, so I’ll close the comments once I have enough.) Thanks!

18 Responses to “Looking for Subjects for e-Reader Experiment”

  1. Chris

    I have the kindle app on my iPad 4, kindle app on my iPhone 4G as well as a Kindle keyboard 3G

  2. Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin)

    I have a third generation ordinary Kindle, as well as a Kindle Fire.

  3. Kristine S

    Do you need to test Kindle apps? I have the app on my iPhone 4 and my Samsung Galaxy S3, as well as the Kindle cloud reader for my browser.

  4. Antigrapist

    I have a third generation Kindle.

  5. Aaron EM

    I have the nook app on my iPad 2, as well as the Kindle app.

  6. Andrew Griffin

    Last year’s Kindle Touch, non-3G

  7. Melissa Katz

    I don’t have any e-reader at all. But I wish I could participate in this expriment, it sounds…fun? Well, I hope you guys who do have e-readers enjoy getting (or not getting…) an autograph.

  8. Tedd

    I have an older Sony Reader with eInk display. Now mostly use epub books with Moon+Reader on a Samsung Galaxy Tab .

  9. Josh

    I have an original generation Nook, as well as Nook and Kindle apps.

  10. Allan

    I have a Sony PRS-650 and access to older PRS-300

  11. Ian Both

    Nook Tablet and HD+, as well as the Nook and Kindle Android.apps.

  12. Burke

    I’ve got a Nook Simple Touch (1st Gen)

  13. Wesley James Robinson

    I have iBooks on an iPad2

  14. Aryn Giesbrecht

    I have a Kobo touch. Not to sure if they have generations.

  15. David Patterson

    I have a Sony e reader prs 600 if that helps.

  16. Chris Herborth

    We’ve got a Kobo Wifi (about two generations back now) and a Kobo Glo (current), glad to help.

  17. Suny

    I have a Sony PRS-T1. Not T2, but almost, if it can help 😉

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