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Cage Match: Kylar vs. Harry Potter

Cage Match: Kylar vs. Harry Potter

The Cage Match is now live (fight scene written by yours truly), and posted HERE.

Go vote now for Kylar — er, vote for your favorite character! CAPSLOCK says, “I can’t believe what you did to Harry Potter!” 😉

Scandalous new poll is also up. Check it out. (It’ll be the Men of Midcyru’s turn next week.)

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  1. Very cool, Mr Weeks, very cool 🙂

  2. Really harry potter vs Kylar !!!!! that is a no brainier… Kylar all day everyday.
    Wet boys kill thats what they do.
    Potter is for no killer, hell, Hermini (or whatever her name was) was the only one that ever got anything done the rest was just luck….

    Loved the night angel … i want MORE …. lol lol fav book (atm (and it been a LONG moment ))

  3. i chose Vi…i mean honestly the way you described her?? All i got to say about her is….dayum!

  4. I voted. So glad to see Kylar winning it. I love the HP books, but honestly, a match between the two? Harry gets too much help from his friends and happenstance.


  6. Ugh… Harry’s fans… and with such an amazing crossover story too! A real M. Night. Shyamalan twist at the end (except it was good). Kylar’s out already which is a bit improbable, he being immortal so long as he has enough people he loves (he must be the most depressed immortal). Nevermind, ya should have won Brent! Orbit really gained with you!

  7. As far as I can see, Kylar got 76% of the votes! YAY! The write up was awesome too

  8. Kylar all the way 🙂

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