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Cage Match: Kylar Stern vs. Erevis Cale

Cage Match: Kylar Stern vs. Erevis Cale


Thanks to your votes, Kylar Stern beat Julia Wicker in an epic Cage Match battle last week (see results HERE). Kylar’s now facing Erevis Cale HERE — and he needs all the votes he can get! So head over there now to show your support.

Monday’s new poll is also up, at right.

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  1. The only time i ever really get on the internet is at school. And the computers have most sites blocked. I mean honestly is blocked. Anyways, i have been really interested in these cage matches. The only problem is that the filter for the internet at school blocks the website that everything is on. I know that it may be a lot of work for this to be possible but can you put the stories and results on the website? Thanks CAPSLOCK!

    • I must admit, I’m a huge fan of Paul S. Kemp and Erevis in particular so my vote went that way (shame on multi-voters, it almost ruined the last Cage Match). That said after reading Mr. Kemp’s write-up of the fight between Kylar and Erevis I just ordered the complete trilogy. Can’t wait to read about Kylar. Sounds like my kind of Assassin (my favorite fantasy character type).

      • Hey Blake, yeah I am the exact opposite of you. I have read all the Night Angel series but none of the books by Kemp. After reading that totally epic write-up i have got the Erevis Cale Trilogy. Both incredible series. Still gotta say i rank the Night Angel Series as my all time favorites though.

    • Have you tried adding an ‘s’ after ‘http’? That usually works.

  2. I’ve voted for Kylar eight times now- bout to make it nine

    • Bryce: Multivoting? Really? You should be ashamed of yourself. That’s pathetic, and not at all in the spirit the cage match. I had hoped for better from Brent Weeks fans.

    • We appreciate your enthusiasm, but lets make this a fair match. You can tell by the comments on the match itself that most fans of one series greatly respect that of the other, and I think that’s even more of a reason to make this a fair fight. If Kylar is going to win, he should win with honour. I’m sure Mr. Weeks would be proud to know his fans acted with respect and honesty.

    • Seriously dude! It ruins the whole integrity of the cage match! If you want Kylar to win as bad as I do get friends to vote and follow, if they know who Kylar is because again integrity! Kylar is on a streak don’t bring bad mojo on him dude!

    • I agree with Tim. As much as we love Kylar and want him to win, winning by cheating is just petty and self-deceiving (and makes other fandoms look down on us!). Although, if Durzo was watching on this event, he’d probably condone multivoting 210% and give you 3 thumbs up……………………………………………………………. But seriously, since he isn’t…

      And…. Crap room slave LOL

      • Erevis vs Rachel Morgan apparently succumbed to that type of mentality last round. Seemed like a bunch of fans (on both sides) decided to take it upon themselves to try and rig the contest. Sad really.

        One vote a day sounds like a reasonable thing to me, too bad they didn’t require unique logins for the match in order to vote.

        Ah well, just happy that I learned about Mr. Week’s Kylar Stern, can’t wait to read the first book.

    • Ok, I admit, I haven’t multivoted for Kylar, but I do agree with Fuu. Kylar is not against cheating. And speaking about Durzo… Well lets just say that he would probably be furious with Kylar for not taking advantage of all his powers in the write-up for the match. (Yes I know that Brent didn’t write this match but still…)

  3. Can’t Kylar’s rapid healing do the exact same thing Cale’s does? I mean, they were fighting at night, but still.

    • No I don’t think so. Kylar heals at a rapid rate, but not as fast as Erevis Cale(i think). Kylar healed his foot over night, but that seems to be the extent as far as fans know, speed wise I mean.

  4. I voted for Kylar! I think he’s going to win 🙂

  5. When I voted for Kylar on Monday Erevis Cale was winning, but when I checked later in the week(Wednesday) Kylar was winning at a 1 to 2 advantage. Go Kylar!

    • Kylar is definatly on a role and based on the votes its looking like Granny Weatherwax is up next, much to my brackets’ disappointment. Anomander Rake is looking like a Finalist for sure, and I really don’t know much about Granny Weatherwax, so I guess this could prove interesting!

  6. I voted for Kylar too. Obviously.
    But I have to admit, I vote once a day…

    N sadly, unlike Bryce M, I can’t ask friends to vote because I live in a non-English-speaking country among friends who (although teenagers) only follow stuff like Twilight.
    I’m talking about guys who only care about soccer (even those who also care about school) n girls who spend their days taking pictures of themselves n posting them on facebook.
    They barely even watch TV, only read short love novels, n only go to the movies to see stuff getting shot n blown up, n if they’re asked what the plot was about Transformers, they can only say “Cars n Robots. And MEGAN FOX!”
    It’s sickening.

  7. I think that Kylar Stern and Erevis Cale both have a fair chance in winning, IF, people didn’t multi-vote. Though I have never heard of this character(Cale) I give most respect to him now that I have read the cage match write-up. I am (of course) a Night Angel fan, but now that I have read a part about Erevis Cale, it makes me wonder what he can really do. Personally I think Kylar is going to win just because he can completely turn invisible and could do a lot more than what the write-up tells. But now I’m thinking that I should read the Erevis Cale trilogy, just so that I can compare these two great characters!

  8. Bottom line kylar scared the shit out of this guy every move he made kylar dodged,deflected and counterd. The only reason he lost is it became a fight of brute streangth kylar was never traind in that matter its always fast pase fightstyle the dude was just all steangth in the end. What that guy dosnt know kylar will be back so who really wins the match. But that was an epic fight and very close brent should write a senario as if kylar had won just for fun

  9. Did anyone else notice they messed up and gave Kylar two special attacks? I think the second one belongs to Rachel Morgan, though I could be wrong.

  10. why didn’t kylar just come back to life in the prediction he still has the ka kari

  11. Why do so many people want to be a wet boy? They have to spend all their time training or KILLING PEOPLE. Who in their right mind would want that job?
    Noble for me!

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