Amazing Night Angel Art

Just wanted to share some awesome art I commissioned from the talented Nicholas Stohlman for the Weeks family Christmas cards this year. Now that the bulk of those have hopefully arrived *cough, cough*, I can’t hold off sharing any longer.

(Click to embiggen)


Nicholas Stohlman has a webpage here, and you can like his Facebook page here. Check it out!

(My previously scheduled monthly Writing Advice post will be up on Thursday.)

10 Responses to “Amazing Night Angel Art”

  1. Dave

    looks great. can’t wait for the new book!

  2. Sarah

    I mean, cool pic and all, but does anyone else see the dude sitting in front of a Christmas Tree ready to throw a snowball at them? Maybe it’s just me O.o

    • Fuu

      That didn’t make sense…………?

      • Sarah

        Hhmmmm – it did to me 🙂 Check out the tree. The big shiny thing on top, looks like a star that you put on one at Christmas time. The tree itself looks like a pine tree – you know, the ones you cut down and use at Christmas time to decorate. The guy drawn in the pic has what appears to be snow around me. It’s funny. I come from Australia and I can see the snow and the snowball, he has just tossed it. Do you see it now?

  3. Fuu

    Awesome art! I wish I could draw as good… Really want to do something for the Trilogy!

  4. Jason Rogers

    Wow, this would have made an amazing cover. Would have picked that up at a bookstore without knowing the book beforehand!

  5. Zack

    The snowballs the black ka’kari wrapped in snow. Someone’s in for a very unpleasant surprise…


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