5 Responses to “A Free Autographed Copy of The Black Prism”

  1. Usagi

    It has been decided. I need a facebook account. ASAP.

  2. WD

    Unfortunately i am not allowed to have a Facebook and/or Twitter, so i am always automatically out of the give away contest – hopefully in a few more years . . .

  3. Carmen Lysaker

    Yea! I’m a green drifter!! I read the first book of the Night Angel Trilogy in one sitting!! Amazing! Hope I win this book. I have a new favorite author!!!!

  4. Pokahi Busby

    Hahaha, I got way too excited when I saw this that I forgot you already signed my copy.

  5. Anastasia Antony

    I wonder could I still get the book even if the day of the contest ending, because I read the book in the library.And I really enjoy it.


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