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Archive for July, 2011

Perfect Shadow Limited Editions Update

I’ve just talked with Bill over at Subterranean Press, and he’s told me that the two limited editions of Perfect Shadow that Subterranean Press is putting together will be shipping in December.  We had initially hoped (and told you) that Subterranean would be able to ship these in late summer or early fall, but we’ve run into some snags on the production side.

Obviously, I’ve already written the novella! It’s done! And I want you to get your hands on it as soon as possible. So what happened is that basically, I really swung for the fences on my preferred artists. And after waiting a long, long time to hear back from one artist in particular, it just didn’t work out with scheduling. I’m still really excited about the product that Subterranean Press is putting together, and believe that you will all think that it was worth the wait. If you have further concerns, you can email Subterranean directly from their webpage.

And my monthly Writing Advice post will be available on Thursday because I have another big post that I’ve been working on for a  long time that I will be posting on Tuesday.

International Editions and Book Tour Dates Imminent

Just a few quick news items this week.

First, in my assistant’s slow quest to reach her level cap, she’s recently been grinding on a laggy server called WordPress tutorials. Most recently, she’s cast an AoE spell on the international editions page. Check it out. It looks spiffy.

Second, I will soon be able to announce some book tour dates for the mass market paperback release of The Black Prism, which has official release date of the 29th of August, but may be shipping up to a week early. You can order the book here, here, here, and here (or if you love e-books, you can grab the Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or Sony eReader versions) or from your favorite book retailer.

I can’t announce specific tour venues yet, but I will be hitting Portland, Seattle, and L.A.  And in my continuing bid to not abandon any corner of the country, I’ll be doing my first ever event in the South around the time of DragonCon in Atlanta.

Third, we’re looking into celebrating the paperback release with some sort of open chat with those of you who are on the Ning forum. Not sure yet how we’re going to bring order to the chaos, but we’ll think of something!

Nibbling Around the Edges of Respectability

Long, long ago, in ages immemorial, when Brent was a young lad, he told his wife (ok, maybe he wasn’t that young of a lad): “Darling, three things I know to be true:

“Antipenultimately, when Brent Weeks starts speaking of himself in the third person, trouble is afoot.

“Penultimately, there are 10 kinds of people in this world. Those who know binary and those who do not.

“And ultimately, even if I get these ninja-assassin-kick-ass novels published, I will probably never get the respect I don’t deserve!”

Yet here I stand, doing an awkward plié, at the border of the mainstream… I’m not flexible enough to do a plié, so sometimes I have stumbled gracelessly, fouling my tutu on The Onion‘s A.V. blog. And now, once again, I find myself at the edge of the limelight, trying to go en pointe, when everything within me screams, “Allemande left!” In plain speech, The Night Angel Trilogy was mentioned in The Christian Science Monitor’s culture blog, as being one of the ten fantasy novels that would make great TV shows.

And now, as a special peek behind the curtain, for those of you who tolerated the previous paragraphs, I will show you exactly how book marketing works. The Christian Science Monitor says, “Cable viewers… couldn’t hope for better source material”!

[Pause for effect. Listen to the appreciate oooh’s from the audience.]

A slightly more honest rendition would be: “A blog that is in some obscure way connected to The Christian Science Monitor says, ‘Cable viewers who want blood and sleaze in equal amounts (I know you’re reading, True Blood fans) couldn’t hope for better source material.'”

Boy, honesty sucks.

And, speaking of the respect I don’t deserve: I recently found out that I am a finalist for the Endeavor Award, which is awarded to a distinguished Science Fiction or Fantasy novel published by a Pacific Northwest author announced every year at OryCon in November. See, I even have a logo:


The other contenders for the award are Cherie Priest, Patricia Briggs, Patricia McKillip, and Devon Monk, so even though I’m going to lose, at least I’ll lose in excellent company! Maybe someone can show me how to do a plié?

Writing Advice Update: Fireworks & Reading Your Novel

Happy 4th of July (early)! And for those of you not in the U.S.A. this weekend, I pity you and your lack of fireworks. 😉

Here’s what I’ve got coming to my backyard…


…well, on a slightly smaller scale, perhaps.

Fireworks aside, it’s Writing Advice time again, and this month we’re addressing the most important question you may ever email me:

Can I (Brent) help you be a writer? And perhaps the second-most important question: Will I read your novel/screenplay/poem/magnum opus? Go here for my response, as well as some thoughts on Sparkly Vampires, Edgar Allan Poe, and the Main Thing.